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In den Ahrweinbergen
In den Ahrweinbergen


In den Ahrweinbergen
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In keeping with its corporate responsibility,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, logging-giant Barama Company Limited (BCL) presented bursary awards to five of its employees? children,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, recently.The awards were presented at the Company?s annual ceremony which was held at the Company?s Head Office at Land of Canaan,Cheap NHL Jerseys, East Bank Demerara. According to a release by the company,Cheap Jerseys Store, the ceremony was one where both students and employees received advice from the company?s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thomas Apun and Director of NCERD,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Jennifer Cumberbatch.The students were urged by the CEO to always persevere regardless of their circumstances. Apun shared the story of his humble beginnings,NFL Jerseys Outlet, adding that it was persistence that propelled him to now be standing at the helm of one of the largest companies in Guyana.Cumberbatch encouraged the students to stay on the path of success and to ?dare to dream.?Some of her advice was also directed to the parents whom she asked to always take time to listen to their children and also to engage them in conversation. She commended the parents for their efforts thus far in terms of values being instilled in their children.Cumberbatch lauded the company for its sustained commitment towards education and wished them continued success in their business so that they may continue to give back to Guyana.The company also took the opportunity to present books it collected via its annual ?Education Month Book Drive? to the Headmistress of Soesdyke Primary Jeraldine Ferguson. The books were donated with the aim of improving the school?s library.Attendees of the function were also inspired by a solo from young Jeremiah Smith of Soesdyke Primary,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, a recital from the Company?s Marketing Officer Daniel Jaisingh and a dance by Lorraine Baptiste.
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The United States of America is proud of the strides it has made to eliminate youth driven crime and violence in Guyana and has committed to employing other measures for further success.The United States hosted a reception last Thursday at the Marriott Hotel,China Jerseys Cheap, Georgetown in celebration of its Independence. At this event, the Charge d? Affairs of the United States Embassy,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Bryan Hunt, told the gathering that his country remains committed to USAID partnership with the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) Programme.The initiative, he said, has as its mandate to train and educate at-risk youth in life and work skills that have been identified as critical by public and private sector employers in Guyana.?Our mutually beneficial goal is to reduce youth crime and violence by developing enhanced skills and increased economic opportunities.?President David GrangerUS Embassy Charge d? Affairs, Bryan HuntHe said that under the programme?s thrust to deter and reduce youth involvement in crime and violence, working with the Magistracy and the probation Department of the Ministry of Social Protection, more than 70 youths who have received alternative sentences, were diverted from incarceration, and began receiving support to reform their lives.Further, he stated that most recently the programme also began providing reintegration support to 40 of the individuals who received pardons from President David Granger.?Over 1600 youths have been mentored and provided with life and work skills training and in excess of 650 youths have been linked to long term employment. Our work to empower youth and support improvement of their lives, through this programme continues, partnering with government, private sector,Cheap Jerseys, and the non-governmental community to achieve objectives.?Days after he became President, Granger announced that he will pardon 60 youths who were incarcerated for minor offences.He has said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, ?I believe that young people should be in school, not in jail, and I have asked that emphasis be placed on young persons,Cheap Jerseys From China, and for non-violent offences,Wholesale Jerseys, and sentences of short duration.?President Granger said that he will annually grant presidential pardons to prisoners sentenced for minor misdemeanors between the ages of 18 and 25.The Head-of-State said that he had asked particularly for especially female convicts, ?but apparently the females have not been misbehaving at the same rate as the males?It turns out that there is a small number of females too, who had actually committed minor offences.?Nevertheless, the President said that many young men are in jail for frivolous offences.President Granger had expressed hope that the youths will make good use of the second opportunity being afforded to them.  ?I hope they get back in school, get work, and get on with their lives. They do not belong in jail. They belong in school, at home with their families, be happy,Wholesale Jerseys,? the President said.Addressing the challenge the convicts will face in being reintegrated, President Granger said, ?Most of them are young; most of them are misdemeanors, which are non-violent, and I do hope that we can reintegrate them by ensuring that we get them into training programmes.? (Abena Rockcliffe)
14.03.2018 20:52 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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OREALLA, CORENTYNE RIVER – McLean Devair was elected unopposed,Wholesale Jerseys China, recently, and would continue to serve as Toshao of Orealla and Siparuta on the Corentyne River for another three years.Head of the Local Government Committee in Region Six Dennis DeroopTwo persons, the other being John King, were nominated for the position of Toshao, However, King was ruled out since he resides at Number Seventy-eight Village, Corentyne but visits the reservation frequently. For the past six months he was residing on the reservation but the Amerindian Act states that in order for an individual to vie for post of Toshao, that person must be living in the village for at least three years.New councilors,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 70 per cent of whom are under the age of 32, were elected in Orealla and Siparuta last week as well.According to Region Six Vice-Chairman and Head of the Local Government Committee in Region Six,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Dennis Deroop, the election of councilors is held every three years. There is one Toshao for both Orealla and Siparuta. The councilors are nominated separately.Of the 21 nominations for Orealla, ten were elected. They are Floyd Edwards , Ingrid Devair , Danny Morris , Grantley Devair, Andrew Henry , Mitchell Rogers , David Henry, Crenston Herman , Laforna Thomas , and Lennie Lowe .Ten were nominated at Siparuta and six were elected. They are Dell Williams , Hilary Wong , Hilbert Herman ,NFL Jerseys Clearance, Keith Herman , Alfred Lindie , and Wilfred Felix .According to him, two of the councilors at Orealla were re-elected.The Vice Chairman is optimistic that this body can take the villages forward. He said that in the past,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, the older persons could not cope with the volume of work and as such the reservations suffered.At the time of the elections there was only one councilor at Siparuta and three at Orealla.In the past, many of those who served as councilors were not as transparent to the residents and persons had little or no faith in them.Meanwhile, the Regional Administration is continuing to lend assistance to both communities. The President?s Youth Choice building at Orealla, as requested by the young people, would be used as a library/skills training centre for both Orealla and Siparuta.Last year Government, through the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs,NFL Jerseys Store, allotted some $500,000 for projects in Siparuta. The money was used to construct a small landing. Work is still in progress and is expected to be completed by August.Orealla was given $1.5 million. This was used to build a benab that is being used as the main meeting place.Guyana Water Inc. is soon to lay pipelines and other paraphernalia to supply both Orealla and Siparuta with potable water.Guyana Power and Light has already laid the necessary lines and planted poles and soon the communities are to receive electricity for the first time.According to Mr. Deroop,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, the Government has already purchased the generator.
14.03.2018 23:24 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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– Residents claim action was indiscriminateBy Brushell BlackmanThe midday peace and tranquility in Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt,Cheap Jerseys, was disturbed yesterday after police in pursuit of a teenager, discharged a volley of bullets in the youth?s direction.According to residents, the drama unfolded even as persons were going about their daily routines,Wholesale Jerseys, causing many to dive for cover.The youth at the centre of the melee is 17-year-old Ezekiel Mentore. The lad?s mother, Claudette Mentore, recounted that she was at home when she heard what appeared at first to be the sound of exploding squibs. The woman said, however, that the rapidity of the sounds made her realise that it was gunshots and not firecrackers.The wound that was allegedly caused by a bullet that grazed the young man By this time she heard the neighbours screaming. She said that she exited the house after she heard persons calling out to her. ?I had to rush out of the house,Soccer Jerseys From China, when I go outside me neighbour tell me, that is me son and the police?.The woman said by this time she was overcome with fear and ventured outside only to see two police officers in hot pursuit of her son discharging shots in his direction.Mentore said that she and her sister managed to catch up with the policemen and accosted them, enquiring what their reason for shooting at the lad was.?I hold on to he (Police rank) and I shaking he asking what me son do??Mentore said that the officer, who could not be much older than eighteen, could not give a reason for his actions. The woman said that the only response she got was a rude one instructing her to ?get out of the way?. Mentore said that by this time the fleet-footed teen managed to elude the tiring policemen.Ezekiel Mentore,Cheap Jerseys, the individual at the centre of the confrontation said that he had just disembarked a minibus to make his way home when he was confronted by the lawmen. According to the youth, he was enjoying some music via his MP3 player when it appeared that the policemen requested a search. However the teen did not hear since he was listening to the music with headphones.His non-response raised the ire of the police ranks who attempted to grab his bag. The young man said that he became scared and began to run. ?I see what they (police) does do with youth men me age so I get frighten and run away?. The lad said he ran quite some distance and all this time shots, which he numbered around fifteen, were being discharged in his direction. The youth escape only with a graze on his right shoulder from a bullet.Claudette Mentore was adamant that her son was not a shadowy character and has had no brushes with the law. She said the only problem she gets with her son is some disobedience, which she said he is usually reprimanded for by his uncles.Claudette MentoreThe mother chided the police for what she opined was their high-handed actions and branded their behaviour as harassment towards a certain group in society.?This is how they does make criminals out of these young boys; they have parents too?. Residents who witnessed the incident told Kaieteur News that the police normally frequent the area and are in the habit of harassing the young men in the community. Many concurred that the teenager that they were shooting at is not a criminal and that he was on his way home from work when the incident took place.At the scene of the shooting, residents showed Kaieteur News a number of spent shells that were left in the wake of the incident. According to one resident,China NFL Jerseys, the trigger happy cops were even trying to enter his yard, but his ferocious dogs interrupted this move.The man said the ranks became enraged and even threatened to shoot the dogs.On their way out of the area, the lawmen arrested a youth even as he was fishing in a nearby canal.In the meantime, Ezekiel Mentore was taken into custody after he was taken to the police station by his mother. The woman said that the police claimed that her son was shooting back at them. However, she refuted this and believes it is a move to take the spotlight off themselves,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, since their actions were improper.When contacted,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the police Public Relations department was unaware of the incident.One of the spent shells found at the scene of the shooting yesterday
15.03.2018 01:57 Offline dfr8xcdj41

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