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ed upon them like the hammer of Thor.? His companion henceforward,FC Barcelona Koszulka, Caldwell, was of a dark complexion and ferocious disposition. Together they visited the Midlands in 1777, and with varying success brought that season to a close, Boulter returning alone to Poulshot for a short holiday from professional cares. Riding on the Plain early one morning,Oakley Livestrong Sunglasses, he was surprised to meet a gentlemanly-looking horseman,{224} who looked very hard at him,Lazio 16/17 Koszulki, and who, after passing him about a hundred yards,RB4161 Sunglasses, turned round and pursued him at a gallop. ?Well,? thought Boulter,longchamp stockholm, ?this seems likely to prove a kind of adventure on which I never calculated. I am about to be stopped myself by a gentleman of the road. In what manner will it be necessary to receive the attack.?Google Links:


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– Five men in custodyJust about 24 hours after the fatal beating of a Sophia man, allegedly by a group of persons who suspected that he had stolen from a resident in the community, a similar incident occurred in Berbice.Cries for help awakened a quiet neighbourhood of Corentyne, as the owner of a business establishment and several persons who were said to be his relatives, were seen mercilessly beating two persons – 45-year-old Alfred Munroe called ?Guana Man? of Ulverston, Corentyne,World Baseball Classic Jerseys, and 18-year-old Annie Persaud, called ?Short Hair? of Rose Hall,NFL Jerseys Supply, Corentyne – at around 07:30hrs yesterday.The two persons were accused of stealing from theA mortally wounded Alfred Munroe aka ?Guana Man? was removed from the trunk of the car in the photo, after police intercepted the vehicle at Williamsburg,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017, Corentyne.business place.A source close to the investigation told Kaieteur News that whilst the beating was taking place, at a location called Bound Yard,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, passersby objected and urged the perpetrators to take the two badly injured persons to the nearest police station – the Rose Hall Town Outpost – and they subsequently agreed to do so.When ranks at the outpost were notified about the incident and realized that the victims had not yet been brought there, they went to the scene to investigate. Upon arriving, the ranks were told that the two persons were already taken to the station, but the individual transporting them had used a different route.According to a police statement, ?The police subsequently intercepted the vehicle at Williamsburg, Corentyne, and found Alfred Munroe called ?Guana Man?, 45 years, of Manchester, Corentyne, and Annie Persaud called ?Short Hair?, 18 years, in the trunk of the vehicle tied with rope and with visible signs of injuries about their bodies. They were taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where Alfred Munroe succumbed to his injuries while Annie Persaud was treated and sent away.Five men have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations. The motor car,cheap nfl jerseys, in which a length of wood was found has been detained.?Kaieteur News spoke to Munroe?s sister, Marietha Munroe, who said that her father received a call from a rank of the Rose Hall Police outpost at about 08:45hrs informing them that Munroe had been accused of being involved in theft, was badly beaten and had been taken to the Port Mourant Hospital.The tearful woman reflected that of 16 children of her parents, Alfred was the ninth, and would be the first one that they are burying. She said when the family received the message they raced to the hospital. The woman related that blood was oozing from her brother?s mouth and he had wounds to his temple, both hands and feet, as well as other parts of his body.She said her brother was working for the Torrezaos of Rose Hall Town and spent most of his time at their premises. She said that she last saw him during the past week.This publication spoke to Nalini Torrezao, whom Munroe was working for doing odd-jobs and where he had slept over at their private part-time school. Mrs. Torrezao said Munroe worked for her and she never had problem with him.?He had his bad ways of smoking his li?l weed, but never did he ever steal from us.?She described Munroe as a pleasant and mannerly person who ?didn?t deserve a death like that?.She said she provided him with meals, clothing and finance,cheap nfl jerseys online, and treated him like a part of her family.Meanwhile, irate eyewitnesses are asking for the stolen items for which the man met his demise. They claim, and police confirmed, that none of the alleged stolen articles were found with the deceased. When Munroe was attacked, he reportedly had a bag filled with green mangoes and was heading to the Rose Hall Town Market to sell. He was in the company of Persaud when they were cornered and attacked.Investigations are continuing.Meanwhile, the police statement also warned of the consequences of such actions by members of the public.?The Guyana Police Force wishes to advise members of the public that this type of ?vigilante justice? which is against the law will be dealt with in a condign manner and persons found culpable will be dealt with severely according to law. Members of the public who apprehend persons suspected of having committed unlawful acts are to hand them over to the police in order that the lawful procedures can take place and not to take the law into their own hands.This incident follows upon the death of Nigel Lowe of Sophia whose body was found tied to a utility pole in ?B? Field, Sophia,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, yesterday. Three men have been arrested in  connection with this matter and are in police custody assisting with investigations.?
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Over the past two day, a team of investors headed by Jamaica-born Canadian investor and billionaire Michael Lee-Chin has been in Guyana meeting with Government officials about possible investments in the near future.An international specialist in Financing, Mr. Lee-Chin led the team which was invited by former President Bharrat Jagdeo.Before leaving for Jamaica yesterday, Mr. Lee-Chin met with media operatives where he spoke about his visit. First the philanthropist said he was pleased with the warm Guyanese hospitality.Jamaica-born billionaire Michael Lee-Chin (L) and Presidential Advisor Odinga Lumumba.He said the agenda was certainly helpful in his team coming to a conclusion that ?there is a very long runway of opportunities in Guyana?s economy?.?We want to be a part of those opportunities and to do what we can to bring capital to the country? and do what we can to bring the requisite expertise; to do what we can to bring more wealth and to enhance the life of the average Guyanese and to make the phenomenal potential that Guyana has not just potential, but a reality.?He added that he was extremely pleased with the calibre of Government Ministers he met during his visit as they all showed great experience,Adam Jones USA Jersey, passion and knowledge in their respective sectors.?I was impressed with the type of leadership. It is very easy for an investor to make that step to come to Guyana,wholesale jerseys china,? Lee-Chin noted.Further he stated that his team includes officials from the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica and Portland Holdings.The bank, he said, is eager to find ways to enter the financial service industry of Guyana, while Portland Holdings has a more general approach to investing.?To start off, we will be looking at the choices and then narrowing it down by virtue of our understanding, Agriculture is definitely an area we want to explore as well as the telecommunication sector,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, since we see the need for more competition in this area.?He added that his team will now return to Jamaica and carefully access the possibilities in terms of where they will be heading.?We are engaged and we will now sit and assess Guyana in relation to where we are going with our portfolio. From what we have seen so far, Guyana will move to the top of the table because of the openness of the Government for investing.?During the team?s two-day visit,cheap nfl jerseys online, meetings were held with the Ministers of Finance, Natural Resources and Agriculture.Michael Lee-Chin is a business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of Portland Holdings, a privately-held investment company which owns a collection of diversified operating companies in sectors that include media, tourism, health care,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, telecommunications and financial services.Amongst other positions,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, he is currently executive chairman of AIC Limited, a Canadian mutual fund,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. Lee-Chin?s wealth has been estimated as high as US$2.5 billion, and Canadian Business magazine has named him as one of the richest people in Canada.In 2003, he made headlines when he donated US$30 million to the Royal Ontario Museum. He also provided a US$10 million gift to the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.
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The Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan has begun and according to an advisory issued by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana ?the moon for Ramadan has not been sighted? and as such Taraweeh Prayers would have begun last evening while fasting commences today.Believed to be the month when the Holy Quran was revealed by Allah, the CIOG said that according to the Prophet Muhammad, ?Ramadan is a month in which Allah showers you with endless blessings, He bestows His Mercy, forgives sins and answers prayers.?For a faith where most of the attention it garners comes from extremists who do not represent the majority this month is special. In it the Muslims believe that all good acts performed during this sacred time will be rewarded by Allah. They believe that committing to avoiding the prohibitions of the faith while undertaking all that is decent and lawful will help to bring about permanent improvements and changes in their lives. Changes that Muslims feel will benefit them not only in this life but in the next.The Organisation also issued a call to all Muslims to ?welcome this month with sincerity, repentance, resolution, and commitment to obey Allah.? The release went on to ask Muslims to show their gratitude to Allah for all that He has given them by spending the days fasting, the nights praying, reciting the Quran and giving alms.**************************Local bakers given tips to improve practices?by Canadian wheat expertsSeveral officials from the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) and the Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI) met last week with bakers as the local flour milling company stepped up its efforts, under the ISO 9001 mandate, to further improve the sector and educate the players in the sector.The one-day event, coordinated by the National Milling Company of Guyana Inc. (NAMILCO), was held at the Boodram?s Bakery, Enmore/Foulis, East Coast Demerara last Thursday and saw an estimated 50 persons attending, including bakers and their representatives.Canadian wheat officials during a tour of a city bakery last week.Also attending the seminar was Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Francois Montour.Prior to the seminar, several bakeries in the city were visited by the team of wheat experts who came via Boa Vista/Lethem to Guyana thus getting an opportunity to see the vast expanse of Guyana?s forest.CWB, marketers of over 450 Canadian wheat farmers, has sold Guyana over 200,000 tonnes of wheat over the past four years. NAMILCO and the Canadian officials also visited a number of bakeries in Brazil where Guyana has started to sell flour.Addressing the participants, the Canadian High Commissioner noted that his country?s wheat is one of the highest quality in the world. He lauded NAMILCO, CWB and CIGI for taking the initiative and for the collaborative relationship.Yvonne Supeene,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, Bakers Specialist of CIGI, noted that it is not unusual for bakers and others to blame the flour milling company when there are problems. However, with the high quality Canadian wheat, she suggested that maybe the baking processes could be improved. In the case where flour has already been purchased and are in the baker?s possession,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, techniques can be employed to optimize the quality of the end productShe noted that several changes,Adam Jones USA Jersey, chemically and otherwise, take place when the flour is mixed into dough. While it may seem straightforward, factors such as dough temperature, yeast, additives and whether it is over-mixed or under-mixed, all have to be taken into account. She stressed that dough heats up on mixing and in the local climate, this is not good for baking. To alleviate this, it is necessary to cool the dough by using chilled water.She has found that bakers do not add enough water to the flour thus producing stiff dough which is tough to work with. By adding more water, they could get more pliable dough and better yields.To emphasize her point, she did two demonstrations using tap water versus chilled water and passed around pieces of the dough for participants to feel the difference. She also provided them with a formula on how to determine water temperature and pointed out it was better to add the fat after mixing for a while rather than putting it with the dry flour. She mentioned that there is no one way to baking, as in many cases the technique was handed down through generations and different baking equipment was used, but there are certain fundamentals that must be adhered to.According to Lisa Nemeth, a CWB representative, the wheat sold to Guyana is grown in Winnipeg, a province located plumb in the middle of Canada and North America.Not many are aware of the complexities of the wheat industry – from the research into different classes of wheat in order to find the right quality to the controls exercised prior to shipping to the customer.With a Grain Commission to fully police the export of wheat to ensure the highest of quality, the official stressed that research is ongoing to ensure that better grains are being produced to meet customers? demands.The monitoring is so intense that farmers cannot grow grain that does not meet certain requirements.CIGIs Director, Larry Taylor, noted that it was gratifying to see Canada?s wheat so widely used in Guyana and disclosed that several parties are responsible for making Canadian wheat among one of the best rated in the world.These players include the farmers, CWB, the customers, the Grain Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture of that country.He stressed that throughout the entire process, the wheat is being tested and graded accordingly to ensure that quality and safety requirements are met.Since 1972, some 35,cheap nfl jerseys online,000 persons involved worldwide in the baking business have been trained by the CIGI, he revealed. This year two were trained from Namilco.Last week,Adam Loewen Canada Jersey, NAMILCO officials said that since early this year, it started to export flour to neighbouring Brazil and this was quickly accepted by bakers because it was found to be of better quality.According to the officials, the state of Roraima has to ship flour from as far away as Manaus and Forteleza and sometimes the quality is not as good.NAMILCO has lamented that at present there is no flour in Boa Vista as shipments had ceased because of the state of the road to Lethem.A senior official has pointed out that it is very discouraging to expend time and money to enter a new market and then find yourself unable to meet the customers? requirements.He hoped that this situation will be alleviated with the building of a warehouse in Lethem to hold buffer stocks of flour,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, but this will not be completed until year end.
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It began as a four-man operation in 1959, but its founder Claude Leslie Geddes had a dream which was to make it bigger and successful and even though he is no longer around, having departed this life in 2005, no one could dispute the fact that his dream has come true.Today, Brass Aluminium and Cast Iron Foundry (BACIF) which has its location in West Ruimveldt has evolved into one of the most successful foundries in Guyana and an essential link for theStaffers and bursary awardees surround the bust of Claude Geddes that was unveiled yesterday, at the entity?s West Ruimveldt Head Office.sugar industry, one of its biggest business associates.Yesterday,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, during a simple ceremony at the Company?s location, a Bronze Bust in his memory was unveiled in the presence of Directors of the entity, staffers,wholesale jerseys china, children of employees attached to the Company and those from West Ruimveldt Primary School who were recipients of the annual Bursary Awards, parents and well wishers.Managing Director Peter Pompey speaking at the occasion, gave a brief history about the Company and how it was founded and even recognised the vision of the late founder and the efforts he made to ensure that the business which started from humble beginnings was placed on a footing that has enabled it to remain a viable entity until today.Also present were Directors Waveney Allen, Brinmore Phaul, Yolanda Geddes-Kendall, Accountant Gangamattie Singh, Company Secretary Marilyn Kyte and renowned sculptor Ivor Thom, who played a pivotal role in the construction of the Bust.The ceremony also saw the successful students from the last Grade Six Assessment receive bursary awards in memory of the late Geddes,cheap nfl jerseys online, who was instrumental in implementing the reward for children of employees of the Company,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, before it was extended to the West Ruimveldt Primary School.Those who received awards were from BACIF: – Keyane Williams, Kelar Azore,cheap nfl jerseys china, Daniel Eastman, Malachi Wharton,Adam Jones USA Jersey, Rachel Atkins, Romario Shortt,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, Shaquille Souvenir and Janessa Collier, and from West Ruimveldt Primary: – Lennox Hopkinson, Aquila Scott, Shaldeen Hinds and Deleon Lowe.
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