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Citaro SV FN in FN Hafenbahnhof
Citaro SV FN in FN Hafenbahnhof (dodel88250)
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE ? Some 28,000 Berbicians in Region Six owe the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) a staggering $1.2 billion in rates. This figure dates back to 2006.Speaking to the Kaieteur News on Friday, Public Relations Officer of the utility company,Wholesale Jerseys China, Timothy Austin, announced that this year the company is focusing on ways to recuperate the amount owed and as far as possible offer consumers an alternative to disconnection.He said that services would be severed only as a last resort.According to Austin,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the general idea is not to remove a consumer?s supply but to work out ways to ensure persons honour their obligation.Those who fail to pay up would have their water supply shut off but at least they would first be given a chance to make things right.Two of the measures in place are community outreach programmes and sensitisation sessions at schools across the country.A number of these outreach programmes will be held in East Berbice/Corentyne at strategic locations so as to facilitate consumers who use distance as a reason for non-payment. The camps would be held particularly in areas not close to Guyana Water Inc. Offices.Special revenue collection desks would be put in place at supermarkets, community centers and the like,NFL Jerseys China, based on spots identified by persons on the ground. At these locations persons can also apply for new connections and generally make use of any service offered at a GWI office.In cases where there are queries about overpriced bills, the necessary inquiry would be conducted and, depending on the findings, if the customer is required to pay that amount stated on the bill then appropriate arrangements can be worked out to suit the customer?s budget.There was also ?Camp Resolution? in 2009 through which persons were able to make payments, and have questions answered among other aspects.During November last year, another promotion ? ?Catch the Waive? helped to recuperate some outstanding balances. Under the venture, all connection fees for those with illegal set-ups were waived and residents were also afforded the opportunity to register and avoid the fine for tampering. Similar programmes can be expected this year.Last week ?H2O Kidz N Action? was launched,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, and the first batch of students was selected from the Wisburg Secondary School in Linden. It is hoped that by using them to help spread the message of water conservation,Wholesale Jerseys, their parents would soon understand the importance.The 20 children were taken to the Watooka Water Treatment Plant and some basic things were explained to them including why it is necessary to pay for water,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the cost of extracting it from the aquifer and pumping it to the home through the distribution system.The next ?H2O Kidz N Action? programme is scheduled for Georgetown,Cheap China Jerseys, and Berbice from February through March.It would eventually fan out to all regions but the focus would be on locations where there are Guyana Water Inc. Treatment Plants.According to Mr. Austin, outstanding balances affect the operation of the utility company since revenue collected is used to offset expenses such as the management of water treatment plants, which include the purchase of chemicals. The entity now relies on Government?s subsidy to pay electricity bills.Starting this year, consumers would be billed quarterly. This system began in 2009 but there were some teething problems and these were eventually worked out.Meanwhile, the Queenstown Water Treatment at Corriverton is scheduled for completion in August this year. It is expected to serve some 18,000 customers between Number Seventy-four Village and Moleson Creek. The contract was awarded in June 2009 to a Japanese firm – Tokura Co-operation. This brings to three the number of such plants in East Berbice. The others are at Rose Hall and New Amsterdam.According to the GWI Public Relations Officer, there are those who complain about the quality of water received from water treatment facilities but in many instances the problems lie within the consumer?s system of storage. He said the water coming from the treatment plants is tested before distribution and is safe from bacteria. If it is discoloured or smelly, the problem could also be breakage or leakage along the distribution system.The Guyana Water Inc. is in the process of arriving at the 2010 rate collection target.
12.07.2018 17:29 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 06.06.2017
Kommentare: 7286
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The truck scale being constructed at the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) is yet to be completed.General Manager, Rawlston Adams,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, last month,China Jerseys Wholesale, noted that the laying of the body of the truck scale had already been completed. At the same time, he also noted that the wiring of the bridge was being done.Since then the scale has had its base installed and a toll booth has been constructed. However,NFL Cheap Jerseys, the approach and departure routes to the scale have not yet been constructed. The scale on the Eastern end of the DHB has still not been completed. Commuters who cross the DHB on a daily basis have also noted that the scale has not yet been completed.One of the commuters said that he thought the management of the DHB was channelling their efforts into the repairs of the DHB itself, after President Bharrat Jagdeo had sternly reprimanded them (management of the DHB) for the sad state of disrepair it had fallen into, rather than into the construction of the scale.Speaking with Kaieteur News, one of the engineers at the DHB said that the construction of the truck scale was a project that was undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works. However, he said that bad weather may have held up the construction of the scale.Added to this,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the engineer also said that he had heard that some modifications to the ramps of the scale were needed. The current ramps, he said,Authentic NHL Jerseys, could not accommodate some of the low bed trailers in Guyana.?They (low beds) will not be able to climb the ramp to get onto the scale,? said the engineer, ?the inclination of the ramps is too steep for them.?Meanwhile, when the Ministry of Public Works was contacted concerning the scale, personnel at the Ministry said that the only person who would be able to comment about the scale was the Minister himself.No definite word has yet been heard from any of the parties involved as to when the scale will be completed and will start functioning.The scale will be used to weigh heavy duty trucks,NFL Jerseys From China, low bed trailers and other heavy vehicles. The installation of this scale is necessary, sources at the DHB say, as these heavy duty vehicles pay to cross the bridge according to their weight.A similar scale was installed on the other end of the DHB years ago, and is apparently still functioning. Vehicles pay a toll to cross the DHB when travelling from the eastern side to the western side, but pay no toll on the return trip.The scale is being installed so that heavy duty vehicles can be weighed before crossing; if they are over a set weight then they will be asked to pay for the extra weight.The construction of the scale should not hamper the flow of traffic in the vicinity of the DHB, but commuters are uncertain, given the already dreadful state of traffic near the DHB,Cheap Jerseys Online, especially in the mornings.At present, the DHB is said to be able to accommodate approximately 35 tonnes of weight.
13.07.2018 06:39 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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– anticipates closer collaboration with GuyanaAimed at exemplifying the United States of America?s commitment to the core tenet of democracy, which speaks to a citizen?s right to free access to information,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, US Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt on Wednesday launched one of two ?American Spots? at the National Library.Another American Spot was set to be unveiled yesterday at the University of Guyana?s Library.Touted as an avenue which will provide access to the latest in-depth information about the United States, thereby connecting Americans and Guyanese citizens while at the same time encouraging discussions on US policy, society and values, the American Spot is replete with a rich literary collection and toys, especially suited for young children.From left: Chairman Petamber Persaud and Chief Librarian, Gillian Thompson along with Ambassador Brent Hardt (right) assist a student with the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon to officially launch the American Spot.Speaking at the launching, Ambassador Hardt said that the Spots will feature a diverse collection of books and booklets.?We have books on the National Parks of America, on notable American leaders, on US history and government and Native American culture. We also have some of the American Classics such as Tom Sawyer, Catch 22,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, To Kill a Mockingbird and even the Twilight Series,? the Ambassador said, as he noted that ?we are also providing several novels that are written in Braille for the blind and visually impaired.The American Spots, according to him, will also offer resources to assist young people in pursuing university studies in the US,Cheap NHL Jerseys, including guide books on selecting a college or university; how to apply to universities; how to apply for scholarships, and how to write college application essays and degree options available.?We intend to have a strong EducationUSA presence at both libraries as part of our American Spots initiative,? the envoy asserted.Previously the materials allotted to the American Spots were located at the Embassy and were not easily accessible. However, with the new initiative in place, Ambassador Hardt is confident that prospective students can visit the Spots and browse the sessions to gain additional guidance on how to use these resources and materials and to share other strategies to further their education and development.According to the diplomat, EducationUSA and advice for prospective students is one of the priority areas at the Embassy and in the Western Hemisphere. He recounted that in March 2011, President Barack Obama launched the ?100,000 Strong in the Americas,? an initiative to increase international study in Latin America and the Caribbean.The purpose of the 100,000 Strong initiative is to foster region-wide prosperity through greater international exchange of students,Cheap NBA Gear, whom he recognised as the future leaders and innovators.The Ambassador pointed to the fact that ?increasing mutual understanding within the Western Hemisphere and building closer people-to-people ties, the President (Obama) believes, will help the people of the Hemisphere to work closely to address common challenges, including citizen security, economic opportunity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability?.Moreover, Ambassador Hardt said that the US is eager to welcome Guyanese students to its universities, even as he asserted that the importance of international educational exchange in promoting understanding across national, cultural, religious and racial borders should never be underestimated. He made reference to the fact that students who participate in international studies draw lifetime benefits from the opportunities to learn a discipline in a different cultural context,Cheap Jerseys, to be immersed in and learn from another culture and to share culture with others.He insisted too that overseas university graduates are ultimately able to use their newly-gained skills to make valuable contributions to the development of their own societies.A section of the American Spot?We want to do our part by providing useful information and resources to those prospective students who are interested in learning more about US colleges and the application processes for study in the United States. Our American Spots will help us to achieve this goal,? he assured.?We realise that these two American Spots featuring books and booklets on the United States represent a beginning. Nevertheless, we would like to use these Spots to host speakers and events sponsored by the US Embassy for the benefit of the public.?With cultural and informational events, as well as alumni gatherings among other activities, the Ambassador is optimistic that ?our small presence at both the National Library and the University of Guyana will help forge an even closer relationship with both of these educational institutions.?Even as increased usage of the Spots is being anticipated, Ambassador Hardt revealed plans to expand by ?adding more resources to these spaces, to include collections of the electronic journals,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, e-books and multimedia materials.?According to the National Library?s Chief Librarian, Gillian Thompson, ?we are indeed grateful that the Embassy has taken this initiative to enhance the library with books of various disciplines and toys, and we hope that this is just a beginning of a bigger relationship.?Continuing on a similar note, Chairman of the National Library, Petamber Persaud,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, said that the combination of donations is welcomed and will help to develop both the minds and bodies of the users. This latest addition to the Library, he added, will complement the Library?s JFK collection.Also present at Wednesday?s launch was Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Education Ministry, Genevieve Blackman, who also expressed appreciation for the US Embassy?s initiative.
13.07.2018 08:55 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 05.07.2018
Kommentare: 300
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"Too much Steelers beating ourselves,China Jerseys Cheap," Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark said.
The other team felt the same,Cheap NFL Jerseys.
13.07.2018 10:38 Offline ?????

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