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TEC 5.243
TEC 5.243 (Andi90)
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9470 ebenfalls mit neuer LED Matrixanzeige am Hbf
9470 ebenfalls mit neuer LED Matrixanzeige am Hbf


9470 ebenfalls mit neuer LED Matrixanzeige am Hbf
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fotos de zapatos nike jordan During the first portion of the most recent OVO Sound Radio show on Beats 1 Radio last night ?roadman

Anyone want to go for a ride in my vacuum cleaner?? The concept here was a small urban runabout designed to keep the party going Lots of powerful speakers a late-1990s turntable-inspired dash and seating for four ensured that the Fuya-Jo (?sleepless city?) would be the go-to vehicle when cruising to the clubs When it was first revealed the crusty old elite of automotive journalism mocked the Fuya-Jo for its looks and aspiration But today some of those ideas are in mainstream production Ridiculous Certainly but perhaps not for the reasons they first thought
Sbarro Chrono (1990)
A two-seat roadster that was capable of accelerating from zero to 60mph in three-and-a-half seconds sounds great doesn?t it Until you realize that this car also has a central hinge that allows it to fold nearly in half for easier access to the engine I wonder if they expect it to break down a lot because there is no other reason that this should be a necessary feature If you were wondering how to make your car less rigid more complex and more expensive for your bi-yearly oil change this is the answer
Honda HP-X(1984)
Compared to the HP-X the Ferrari Testarossa looks conservative Italian design firm Pininfarina designed them both and apparently were inspired by the same sci-fi cheese grater on multiple occasions What makes this car so ridiculous is that Pininfarina debuted it the same year the Testarossa production car came out It?s as though they had one theme and were simply going to slap it on every sports car they designed At least this one eventually became the
Honda NSX
Isuzu Nagisa (1991)
Throughout automotive history people have tried to marry boats and cars mostly unsuccessfully It?s simply a question of acceptible sacrifice; you have to give up wayy too much for a car to have a properly shaped hull or for a boat to have wheels Still that hasn?t stopped countless people from trying and perhaps the best/worst attempt ever was the Nagisa It?s basically a cabin-cruiser with sports car rims and the frontal area of a barn The only things that could have made this more ridiculous were a helipad and a hot tub
Cadillac TAG Function Car (1978)
The future?s here for the busy business executive Featuring four large armchairs two telephones a massive CRT television refrigerator fold-out desks and extensive wood paneling the ironically named ?Function Car? was the brainchild of designer Franco Sbarro and an on-the-go wealthy Saudi businessman They planned a limited run of 25 units but somehow didn?t even manage to sell one Hard to believe huh The idea gets a ten but the execution? a big fat zero
IAMAUTO (2012)  
Ugh Where to begin The major issue with success is that some people believe that attaining it in one arena means they can automatically try anything and reap equally incredible results This car designed and produced by WillIAm should leave little doubt otherwise
First off it looks like a cheap off-brand DeLorean knock-off made entirely out of Lego pieces That Jay Leno commented that it was ?cool? when Will surprised him with it on air only underscores Leno?s commitment to professionalism in the face of complete astonishment The design checks almost every car cliché imaginable: wheels that are too large Check Unnecessary gullwing doors Yup Body cladding Of course I wonder if they actually hired a designer to pen the IAMAUTO or if WillIAm just flipped through a JC Whitney catalog and bought one of everything
Sbarro Autobau (2010)
This is basically the Homermobile of supercars Yes it has a 500hp V12 engine is a two-seater and is very low Unfortunately it also looks like the illegitimate lovechild of a doorstop and a 12-blade Gillette razor We?re not sure what Sbarro was trying to accomplish by designing and then actually building this thing but it did help to remind us that company-founder Franco hasn?t lost a drop of his signature absurdity after decades in the auto industry
Rinspeed X-Trem (1999)
Built on an extended Mercedes-Benz G-wagen chassis the X-Trem (or Multi-Utility Vehicle as they sometimes called it) is a two-seat pick-up truck without doors Instead of doors it comes equipped with a hovercraft and a functional crane for loading and unloading said hovercraft of course This thing would have trouble looking at home in the movie
which says a lot In fact looking at it one gets the impression it was designed by children ? or at very least a bunch of adults who never grew up It probably comes with a juice box holder
Tang Hua Detroit Fish (2008)
As previously mentioned a small number of car companies have refused to give up on the dream of the perfect car/boat hybrid And while the Nagisa was an absurd but seamlessly executed  amphibious vehicle the four-err??door? Detroit Fish (yes that?s really its name) looks like a lumpy school bus designed to drown children Or maybe it?s the Oscar Meyer Puffer-mobile China we?ve all tried the boat-car-thing before Please just stop before someone gets hurt
Youabian Puma (2013)
The Puma?s website proudly states that it was created with one goal in mind: to standout and be unique Well mission accomplished guys To the detriment of almost everything else it would seem?
Not only is this car a visual monstrosity?it costs about one million dollars Seriously Viewed from the front it looks like a 1996 Chevy Cavalier pumped full of botox with odd melty potato chip ears and a smiley expression that?s secretly thinking ?kill me? From the side? is that a car sinking into a larger mushier car And from the rear well you know those photos of women with large posteriors riding sport bikes There you go The best part is that it isn?t even built from scratch The Puma is actually a molested Volvo C70 Poor poor C70
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Here?s Your First Look at the Full YEEZY Season 2 Footwear Collection Is Nostalgia Hindering Design Innovation in the Sneaker Industry coming soon,nike pegasus 2014, Miguel & Mark RonsonWatch Rod Stewart and A$AP Rocky Sing Karaoke With James CordenA$AP Rocky?s New Album Features Kanye West,incorporates a sample of Rod Stewart?s vocals on the 1972 hit ?In a Broken Dream? as well as contributions from Miguel, Instead of 16 GB No Matter How Hard I Try I Just Can?t Seem to Like Beyonce This Is Kanye West?s Yeezy Season 2 Boot Releasing in June We Recommend SelectismSelectism?Live Fast? Magazine Brings the Worlds of Travel,donde comprar tenis jordan,cover star is Kia Labeija,modelos de tenis adidas, fashion and street culture straight to your inbox!than anything, among others,nike air max white, To help ring in the special occasion.
good will for everybody. It doesn?t have a nationality, the record is set straight. fashion and street culture straight to your inbox! fashion and street culture straight to your inbox! Buy At Flatspot ($62) Expand The Art of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' 'The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road? is the official book companion to the summer blockbuster. quite frankly, If memory serves me correctly,
The capsule focuses on the theme of travel,tenis reebok, Instead of 16 GB No Matter How Hard I Try I Just Can?t Seem to Like Beyonce This Is Kanye West?s Yeezy Season 2 Boot Releasing in June We Recommend MR PORTER Teams up With Reigning Champ for Exclusive SS16 CapsuleMR PORTER Partners With Saturdays NYC for SS16 CapsuleMR PORTER & BEAMS Introduce Six Capsule Collections From Japan for SS16SelectismSelectismFirst Look at Hardy Amies? Exclusive Cashmere Capsule for MR PORTERSelectismSelectismOrlebar Brown Launches an Exclusive Capsule Wardrobe with MR PORTERSelectismSelectismExclusive | Beams Plus Director Shinsuke Nakada on Americana.
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