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ET423 - Doppel in Germering-U.
ET423 - Doppel in Germering-U. (Silli)
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9473 Poppelsdorfer Allee 2.
9473 Poppelsdorfer Allee 2.


9473 Poppelsdorfer Allee 2.
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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Registriert seit: 08.04.2017
Kommentare: 91
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The Guyana Forestry Commission?s (GFC) plan for the further development of the sector in the next few years includes establishing policy to support the reduction of log exports and increasing the available of raw materials in the local economy for added-value manufacturing.It also makes provision for supporting the work of the government on climate change, including areas specific to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in an effort to target an international carbon-financing mechanism that supports Avoided Deforestation, as well as REDD activities in ?high forest cover with low rates of deforestation? (HFLD) countries and Payment for Environmental Services (PES).The Ministry was at the time outlining various areas of enhancements being tackled in the forestry sector.This newspaper understands that the GFC?s plan outlines intentions of enhancing value-adding in the forest sector of Guyana through promoting kiln-drying, efficiency in processing, saw doctoring and implementation of standards for stacking,Cheap Jerseys, racking and conversion activities.In addition, the GFC will continue to implement Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through effective monitoring of the activities within the State Forest Estate, including in areas of field monitoring; forest-management planning using new and improved technologies, such as remote sensing imagery analyses; increased utilisation of forest inventory information in forest planning (both on an annual and five-year period); and strengthening of the log tracking system though the use of bar-coding technology. Enhancing forest-law enforcement, governance and trade through maintaining an effective chain of custody and legality (inclusive of documentation) system; facilitating the granting of incentives (such as the lowering of export commission) for value-added forest production; supporting capacity-building in forest-based and rural communities in key areas of forest law and compliance; and forest management and planning for economic and social development are all included in the plan.The GFC has made provision for improved training in Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), quality control, efficiency, productivity and trade, inclusive of saw doctoring, product design and marketing.According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this is being and will continue to be supported by GFC?s associated bodies – the Forestry Training Centre Inc., and the Forest Products Development and Marketing Council, Inc., along with the FPA, Guyana Manufacturers? and Services Association and relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs.
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