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Setra S 315 UL Fintzen
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9473 Poppeldorfer Allee 1.
9473 Poppeldorfer Allee 1.


9473 Poppeldorfer Allee 1.
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Linden Stewart?Fear could either be the basis on which you avoid something or embrace it as a stepping stone to realising what lies beyond such boundaries.?By Sharmain CornetteFlirting with danger has essentially become a routine for Linden Stewart, whose daily activities could prove to be fatal for those who are inexperienced, ignorant of the facts, or quite simply incapable of withstanding the venomous stings exerted by Africanised bees.Yes, Stewart is one of the more popular bee hive extractors known to these shores as over the years he chose to master that art. He even has some 100 hives which he manages, along with a friend, Aubrey Roberts, at apiaries situated at several strategic locations along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, including Kuru Kururu, Long Creek, Yarrowkabra and Dora.In fact, he has not just been able to extract these so-called killer bee hives from the most undesirable of locations in urban, rural and interior locations, but he has also over the years even learned to diversify – producing all sorts of by-products including bees wax candles, soaps, floor and shoe polishes, vaseline and ornaments.With the honey and diversified products garnered from the operation of the apiaries, Stewart has been the driving force behind Kingdom Apiary Products and Supplies, a business which he co-founded to market the year-round yields. Though the business is based at his 68 Adelaide Street, Charlestown, Georgetown home, the bee-dependent entrepreneur also utilises a section of Gafoor?s Houston Mall to further his trade.In essence, the 193-centimetre (six feet, four inches) tall fellow has been able to make a decent living simply by learning how to understand Africanised Bees and realising their total benefits. At the age of 49, Stewart is still on a vigorous mission to take the management of bees locally to another level. Although he has not attended a single university to gain his knowledge of the tropically inclined honey producing bees, Stewart possesses a wealth of information that has seen him rendering his bee-rearing and removal skills to not only his neighbours and friends, but even to Central Government.But dealing with bees directly was never Linden Stewart?s ambition. In fact he admitted that he, like most human beings, was extremely fearful of Africanised bees. It was as a young boy that Stewart realised that ?fear could either be the basis on which you avoid something or embrace it as a stepping stone to realising what lies beyond such boundaries.?The apiarist recalls when at the tender age of 14 he first attempted to extract a bee hive from a tree aback of the Botanical Gardens. Stewart remembers he was in the company of his boyhood pal, Christopher Menezes. The two had a similar liking for the honey that the hives contained and together theorised that since mosquitoes seemed to have a dislike for smoke, bees would be no more inclined to remain in a smoke-engulfed environment.?We would go down to the back of the gardens and look for bees in the wild…And we would usually take a long bamboo, we would tie a bag on it and light it with fire and then when it is fully alight we would blow the fire out and leave the bag smoking.?Exhibiting two bee hives.Stewart recounted that on one occasion when the smoking bamboo was hoisted into a bee-infested tree, instead of simply calming the bees, the hive was disturbed. Having been disturbed the bees started to swarm, administering venomous stings, causing the two lads to drop their smoking bamboo and abandon their intended quest, seeking refuge in a nearby canal.But though they were very much afraid of the stings, the honey the bees produced was far too luring for them to just give up. ?We met another friend and he told us that we were doing it (smoking the bees) wrong so he took us in Howes Street (Charlestown) to meet a man ? Hensley DeSouza ? who was the best bee handler in Guyana.?Though he wanted to be a part of the adventure to track down and extract bees, the young Stewart would remain in the background as DeSouza showcased his skills of calming the bees with smoke using his custom-made bee-heaping smoker.?I was afraid, very, very afraid and I would stay about a block away.?But though he was afraid, he would pay keen attention to every move that DeSouza made and eventually his passion would conquer his fear.?I looked at everything he was doing and I copied everything. I kept going over and over and over with him until I went to catch a swarm on my own.?He would make his first solo bee extraction from a water pipe situated aback of the Guyana Defence Force?s Camp Ayanganna compound. Applying the smoking methodology he learned, the young Stewart had championed the process, shedding fear at the same time.Having mastered the art, Stewart decided to construct his own habitat for his captured bees building hives out of pine wood from abandoned houses. His first hive was in the backyard of his great aunt?s 140 Sixth Street, Alberttown home. However, his boyhood passion would be short-lived as gaining an education was deemed far more important than his fascination with bees.You see, Stewart, the second of eleven siblings, was born to Olga Peters, a homemaker, and Hector Emanuel Stewart, a very well educated gentleman, whose intellectual ability was of such multiplicity it was exhibited in the several career endeavours he successfully pursued – being a prominent architect, a print shop owner and reputable cartoonist were outstanding qualities for one man to possess, hence it propelled him and by extension his family to a level of eminence in society. As an architect, the senior Stewart?s profession took him to various locations across the country. And it was at Ituni in the North West District where he was stationed, when his wife gave birth to his second son, Linden Stewart, on the 22nd day of November, 1961.The nature of his father?s work would see Linden, and his older brother Silvan, from a very young age, travelling far and wide across the country.?Because of my father?s job we went from Mahdia to Parika to Bartica and we stayed at all of the best places because of who my father was perceived to be; because he was such an educated man.?However, both Linden and his brother were entrusted into the care of their paternal grandmother, Carolyn Stewart, who resided at Sixth Street, Alberttown, when they reached schooling age. She was duly recognised by the Stewart family as the ?mother of the family,? having raised seven children of her own and 15 grandchildren.Linden attended St Ambrose Anglican School and later the Queenstown Roman Catholic School. He also did some skills training at the Kingston Industrial Arts Centre and was even exposed to librarian and book-binding studies. By this time he was in the care of his great aunt, Marian Rocker, as his grandmother had migrated to the United States and his mother and father had separated. Risking all to extract some bees.In order to help with his own upkeep, the young Stewart would work at a bakery at the weekends and during the school holidays, to complement the pension his aunt received. After completing school, he was drafted into the Guyana Prison Service and would become an Assistant Prison Officer over a period spanning 1980 to 1984. He would resign from that profession in order to evade a transfer from Georgetown to the Mazaruni Prisons, a move which would have seen him leaving his girlfriend and first born child Renita behind.He has a younger daughter, 15-year-old Tamala, who he prides himself with raising since she was one year old. He later became a security inspector attached to the Guyana Guard Service.But even before the birth of his youngest daughter, Stewart had tried his hand at being a deckhand on one of his uncle?s fishing vessels and narrowly escaped a watery demise in March of 1985.?I was just about 22 and I was studying that I needed to do something to secure my future…? It was at this very point of his life that Stewart would recall all that he had learned about bees when he was just a boy.Armed with some boxes, which he transformed into hives, Stewart?s bee-keeping passion was reignited, first as a hobby and then into a full blown money-making enterprise in 1989. He had his first three hives in his backyard and would furnish them with bees as he extracted them at a cost from various locations. At the time he resided in West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.?I caught bees and brought them home and every year I would extract about two gallons of honey from each hive…I liked the way things were going,? Stewart said.But as fate would have it, the hives became the target of young brick-throwing lads, who Stewart repeatedly warned to stay away. It was a Sunday, he remembered, that one lad threw a big enough brick which succeeded in hitting one of the hives down.?I was in the kitchen,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but I heard when it fell…it sounded like a pile of books had fallen. I didn?t know it was a hive at the time, so I went investigating to see which of my books had fallen but everything was intact. It was when I looked through the window it was like rain falling. Bees were everywhere, and then I heard my neighbour screaming ?oh God whey deh coming from.??Realising the dilemma, Stewart instinctively engaged his bee-extraction mode, strapping on merely his mesh face veil and firing up his bee-heaping smoker. He was able to plug the fallen hive, but could do nothing to stop the hundreds that had already escaped that were wreaking havoc in the neighbourhood.At the end of the near 15-minute-long ordeal there were dead dogs, goats, fowls and ducks in the neighbourhood, all of which Stewart had to replace. A second, but not so fatal incident would occur, but this time the Ministry of Agriculture was called in, ordering Stewart to remove his hives from the residential location.?I had a good relationship with my neighbours so maybe that ensured that I didn?t get into too much trouble. So I ended up taking my bees to a friend?s place up at Ogle.?But it would seem that goodwill was not on his side as an aerial crop-spraying exercise would see insecticide entering the hives thereby killing every bee he had. Stewart however, did not become discouraged and with the support of his friend Aubrey Roberts (who was among the first batch of students at President?s College and learned about bee keeping), founded Kingdom Apiary.In taking the lead in the whole initiative Stewart has since educated himself by doing his own research and consulting with experts. He learnt a great deal after attending the third Apiculture Congress in Jamaica in 2001 and has since been working diligently in his quest to ?take bee keeping in Guyana where no one ever imagined. I hope to take it very, very far,? said an optimistic Stewart.In addition to helping the Guyana Defence Force realise its bee-keeping potential and introducing his tactics to Amerindian communities at the request of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Stewart has also been offering his knowledge to students of the North Georgetown and Waramadong Secondary Schools on a voluntary basis.In fact, having been exposed to Stewart?s apiculture teaching, North Georgetown recorded its best performance in Agriculture Science last year, represented by the nine grade ones, 18 grade twos and six grade threes candidates secured.With genuine passion and a sustained commitment towards furthering bee keeping in Guyana, Linden Stewart can be considered a special person.
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Kommentare: 22854
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Courts $9M robbery? A driver from a well known security firm has reportedly confessed to helping two gunmen escape with $9M belonging to Courts Furniture Store.Police officials said that the man,Nike Tns Wholesale, who is a Charlestown resident, revealed that he received $1M to set up the heist,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, and also led police to a Number50 Village, Corentyne house where his alleged accomplice,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/AS-Roma-FC/, who is also from Charlestown, was hiding out.Both men are expected to appear in court today.Kaieteur News was told that the driver was among security personnel who were taking $9M in two money bags to the furniture store?s Main Street Branch about a week ago when they were attacked.The money had been picked up from the Courts branches at Grove,Air Max 97 Silver Bullet Uk, East Bank Demerara and Parika.According to reports, the driver and an armed guard were driving along Lombard Street when they were forced to slow down due to heavy traffic.It is alleged that shortly after, two gunmen in another car attacked the security personnel, who were forced to hand over the money-bags and a firearm.The robbers then escaped.However,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Kaieteur News understands that police suspected that the robbery had been staged, and kept grilling the driver until he confessed.On Thursday, he reportedly handed over his share of the loot, and then led the investigators to his accomplice?s Berbice hideout.At the time,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, the alleged accomplice was in possession of some US $1,200. However, the ranks have found no trace of the rest of the loot or of the stolen firearm.Police officials said that the alleged accomplice was questioned on numerous occasions for armed robbery and murder. According to an official,China NFL Jerseys, he had sustained a recent bullet wound, and investigators believe that he was accidently shot by the other gunman who had discharged his firearm during the Courts heist.
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It will eliminate trespassers for good. Right here is actually a list with the leading ten bodybuilding and sports supplements by Cardiff Sports Nutrition for 2011. Need of troubleshooting every now and then or an unexpected downtime is definitely not good when it comes to the health of one’s business. Additionally,nike air max 95 womens australia, it is also a good idea to consider those dentists who teach and train others. This is a good one because there are sliding gate kits on sale as well. Tauro test is a single of their top merchandise and continues to be dominating the testosterone boosting category. The industrial locations,nike air max 90 ultra moire australia, official buildings, commercial properties, apartments are shopping centers are the major businesses that are to make use of these patrol services. Additionally, it is also a good idea to consider those dentists who teach and train others. Once again,nike air max 2017 mens blue, an old collectors watch should be remaining on your own to ensure that the age of the watch demonstrates.com. You can compare the different options at your disposal to settle for the best. Your homeowner’s insurer will consider that your home is more secure than before because of the newly installed gate.
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Forty ?five year-old Steve Abel, of 85 North Melanie, East Coast Demerara, succumbed to massive head injuries early yesterday morning at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Abel was involved in motorcycle accident on Thursday evening at the junction of Camp and Lamaha Streets.Kaieteur News understands that Abel and pillion rider Luke Fordyce, 18,Nike Air Max Shoes Sale, of Lot 67 South Sophia were proceeding along Lamaha Street when their motorcycle collided with a route 44 minibus.Fordyce received injuries to the head and lacerations to the body. Up to press time he was in an unconscious state in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.According to eyewitnesses, Abel?s motorcycle slammed into the back of the minibus and the two persons were thrown some distance.They were both rushed to the Georgetown Hospital, where Abel died while receiving medical attention.Two other passengers from the minibus – Trevon Rocke of Lot 126 Melanie Damishana and Hilary Henry 48 of Lot 43 Haslington – received minor injuries.When this newspaper visited Abel?s home at Melanie Damishana, neighbours seemed surprised about the accident.One neigbhour told this newspaper that Abel lived alone and kept to himself.Kaieteur News was unable to locate any of the man?s relatives to solicit a comment.
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Kommentare: 22854
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A recently released prisoner early yesterday set a house on fire in ?D? Field Sophia and stood in front of the yard with a gun in his hand, threatening to shoot if neighbours tried to extinguish the blaze.According to police, a man had hid two weapons in his girlfriend?s yard. When he went back to collect his guns, he observed that one of the guns was missing.He confronted his girlfriend and when she failed to tell him where the weapon was,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, he allegedly dealt her a sound thrashing and threatened to burn her house if the gun wasn?t returned.It is alleged that around 01:00 hour yesterday, the man went to the property and set the house on fire.There were reports that the man?s girlfriend was inside the house when it burnt to ashes but upon further investigation by police and firefighters, it was revealed that no one was in the building when it burnt.Since the fire, the man and the woman have disappeared.Kaieteur News was told that when neighbours called the ranks at the Turkeyen Police Station, the police were reportedly scared to go to the scene. They waited on backup from Sparendaam Police Station.A police source told this newspaper that the ex-prisoner has threatened to burn other buildings if his weapon is not returned. The residents were given up to last night to return the weapon.A police source confirmed that ranks are monitoring the situation. It is alleged, too, that the ex-prisoner had previously torched the house.
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