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RV-ST 720 RV - Berufsschulzentrum <-> RV - Kraftwerk
RV-ST 720 RV - Berufsschulzentrum <-> RV - Kraftwerk (dodel88250)
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9473 Hbf
9473 Hbf


9473 Hbf
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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A  delegation from  the  Four Miles  Housing  Scheme  Bartica/Potaro  Road, and  the  Bartica  Minibus  Association on Thursday,  around  10:30 am,  participated  in  a peaceful  placard-waving  protest   against  the  deplorable  surface  conditions of the  Bartica/Potaro  Road.Delegation standing on Stelling Square just in front of the RDC office.They staged the protest at  the  Bartica Stelling  Square , outside the  Regional  Administrative  Office  building  located  on  First  Avenue  Bartica.More than 60 persons,  mainly  women,  chanted, ? We  want  good  Roads from  One to  Five  Miles,Wholesale China Jerseys, and  no more  promises?.In  not  so friendly  weather  conditions , the  spokes persons  and  negotiators  for  the  delegation, Micah  Williams  and Godfrey  Marshall,  were in  a meeting  at  the  said  time  with  the  Region  Seven  Administration  and  an  Engineer  from  the  Ministry  of  Transport , Works  and  Hydraulics  on  the issue .After that meeting Micah  Williams  and  Godfrey Marshall   then  informed  the  protesters about  what  was  achieved  from  the  discussions. Williams  then  declared  that   rehabilitation  works  will commence  immediately , and  an  Engineer  will be  immediately  visiting   the Road  to  make  an  assessment   of  what  has  to  be  done  immediately.Godfrey Marshall  has been  identified  as  the Delegation?s Representative  to  oversee  that  proper  works are  being  done. He  will also  be in possession  of a  copy of the Contract  to  ensure  that  all  of  the  requirements  are  met.He  then advised  the  gathering  to give  the Ministry  a chance  to  do  their  part and  also  for  the  Regional  Administration to put the  agreed  conditions  into  a   document  of  common   mutual agreement.Micah  Williams  again then  led  discussions  with  the  delegation  where  they  consensually  agreed  that  the  Minibus  strike will continue  until  the  promised  Memorandum  of  Understanding  on  all of  what is  agreed  on is  documented  and  presented  to  them.Micah  Williams declared to  the  gathering  that  their  cries  have been  heard because  the  strike  has  been  effective.(Edward  A  Persaud )
13.01.2018 17:34 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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Despite holding many public meetings to ?strategize? and calls from supporters to take action against the pressures of the then governing People?s National Congress (PNC),Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, General Secretary of the People?s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee believes that the combined opposition in those days did not have the capacity to overthrow the government.PPP?s General Secretary, Clement Rohee on the witness stand yesterday.The General Secretary shared this view under intense cross-examination as the Commission of Inquiry (COI) set up to get to the bottom of political figure Dr. Walter Rodney?s death, continued yesterday.Dr. Rodney,NFL Jerseys China, a scholar, social activist and co-founder of the Working People?s Alliance (WPA) was killed in an explosion on Friday,NFL Jerseys From China, June 13,nfl jerseys china, 1980.Rohee had previously testified that the political figure had been the victim of state-sponsored terrorism and that the period 1978 ? 1980 was one which saw members of both the PPP and WPA being kept under close surveillance by the members of the Special Branch of the Guyana Police Force.When he returned for cross-examination yesterday, Basil Williams, the attorney representing the PNC suggested that Rohee, who had been employed as a journalist in Czechoslovakia at that time, had no direct knowledge as to how Rodney met his demise.Rohee told the Commission that though he     returned to Guyana in 1983, he had learnt of Rodney?s death via a telephone call. Williams suggested to Rohee that he was in no position to say that Rodney?s death had been an act of the State, especially due to the fact that he was thousands of miles away at that time.But Rohee stood his ground, stating that there are thousands maybe millions, like him, who learnt of Rodney?s death and ?pointed their fingers to the Government.? Williams argued that Rohee had no substantial evidence to support his claims.Focusing on surveillance at the time,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the lawyer suggested to Rohee that the political opposition forces during the period of 1978-1980 were justifiably under surveillance.Williams asked Rohee if the standing orders of the Special Branch are the same now as they were during the period under review, but Rohee claimed that he was not aware of such.The witness went on to say ?When the PPP came into power, Dr. Cheddi Jagan (then leader of the PPP) sought to assign a different role to the Special Branch; more to do with crime intelligence.?According to Rohee, that is where the energies of the Special Branch are now directed and he could not speak whether the acts of the unit were unlawful during Burnham?s regime.Quoting from the standing orders governing the intelligence unit previously submitted to the Commission, Williams asked whether it was the same as it is now, but Rohee claimed that he is not familiar with what it was then, since he was appointed in 2006.The lawyer focused on Rohee?s previous testimony where he stated that there were meetings between the WPA and PPP. Williams grilled Rohee on whether there were talks to overthrow or remove the Government.But the party?s General Secretary pointed out that the two leaders would meet from time to time to ?strategize on the approach they would take to advance the struggle.? Williams moved to suggest that, as such,Cheap Jerseys 2018, the political operatives were justifiably under surveillance under the remit of Special Branch at the time.Rohee said that he could not accept that, since he was merely au fait with the standing orders of the police and not special branch?Do you agree that if a person publicly declares that they would overthrow the government of the day that that person was qualified to come under surveillance?? Williams asked Rohee, who replied ?That was a matter of Special Branch, not me as Minister of Home Affairs.??I can?t speak for any other Minister of Home Affairs that preceded me,? Rohee said. The Minister told the Commission ?I don?t think we had the capacity to overthrow the Government.?Rohee told the Commission that during the period, there were shots being fired in public meetings, but admitted that he had not mentioned that in his statement.?There were so many things happening during that period,? Rohee said,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, adding that he knew of cases where the police shot tear gas and bullets into crowds. He said the police of the day had shot into crowds, killing people.Williams attempted to create a nexus between the recent Linden shooting and incidents that occurred involving the police during the period under consideration.The PNC attorney was cautioned by Commission Chairman Sir Richard Cheltenham, who objected to Williams? line of questioning, noting that it was outside the terms of reference of the Commission of Inquiry.Assistant lead counsel to the commission, Latchmie Rahamat said that the commission will be conducting ?in camera? sessions with some witnesses, commencing today, which excludes the public and media.This is the eighth session of public hearings of the commission and it is expected to conclude next Friday.
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articlemarketing. Do check out mcafeepromocodes. Please have a glance at their website for more information. Test your site to make sure that it loads up quickly, even when accessed on a dial up connection. This accountant job description,Josh Jones Rodgers Jersey, whereas detailed, is way more specialized. For instance,Paul Hornung Jersey, a public accountant may select to concentrate on tax issues,Brett Favre Rodgers Jersey, corresponding to advising corporations in regards to the tax advantages and downsides of certain business decisions and preparing individual income tax returns. That said, I used the DVD Hd Essentials Calibration Disc to calibrate it. There are also cute garden themed baby shower invitations for boys with blues and greens or bugs and insects. Also make sure the ump checks the other teams bats to make positive they are all legal softball bats. Some of Those people e mails may urge the receiver in direction of delete positive information that may well not incorporate the virus at all.Look for items to advertise you pressure cleaning service business that set you apart from the rest. This is when you do a takeaway of your own a bit harder.
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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Winners in the Fogarty?s Back to School competition received $250,000 in prizes at the presentation ceremony held last Saturday morning.The first prize went to Ricardo Subramani, of Helena Primary School. He received a desktop Computer System valued at $130,000. The other winners received gift certificates, stationeries, hampers and haversacks.The competition attracted 30,000 entries.Executive Director of Laparkan, Vibert Parvatan, congratulates first prize winner, Ricardo Subramani, of Helena Primary School, who received a complete computer system.In the feature address delivered by Vibert Parvatan,jerseys nfl wholesale, Executive Director of Laparkan, he emphasised the importance of education and the need for pupils to grasp opportunities afforded them.“The term ?Back to School? will, for adults, stimulate reflections on our youthful days. The formative period of our lives when guided by parents and teachers, we embraced personal values which became the foundation on which we built our lives.“In a developing country such as Guyana, education is seen as a vehicle not only for the development of pupils but by extension, the development of our country,” Parvatan emphasized.“Education clarifies the difference between the ?right? and the ?wrong? and helps inculcate virtues in young minds.“Youth is that phase of life where dreams are built, hope is kindled, and a bright future is foreseen. Youth is a beautiful phase of life where a child turns into an energetic, confident individual.“It is the growing phase of life, the stage to achieve a complete physical and mental growth.“Those are the years to understand yourself, discover your potentials, grab opportunities and pursue success. Those are the years to foster moral principles, construct your value system and begin an all-new journey on the path of the ?right?.”He concluded, “My message to the youths of today is ? grasp and develop the opportunities at hand. Do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door. Knock on opportunity?s door. Success would not come to you. You have to go to it.”
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The travelling public at the Enterprise Leguan ferry stelling is calling on the relevant authorities to intervene as for the past month they have been without  a stairway at the facility.Some time ago when a Transport and Harbour ferry was mooring at the stelling it collided with three large planks that were near the stelling. The force with which the ferry struck the piles sent them into the step which was used by the travelling public to get in and out of speedboats.Ever since, the collapsed step has been left merely hanging onto the rest of the stelling.However, this has not gone down well with the speedboat operators who said that daily they are made to pay a mooring fee of $640 to the Transport and Harbour?s Department.  Currently there are 11 boats plying the Enterprise — Parika route.The collapsed stelling which is a safety hazard to commuters. What is more frustrating to the speedboat operator s is the fact that ever since the stairway has collapsed no effort has been made to have repairs done. Now that the step is out of order the boats are forced to use the ramp which was built for the ferry,NFL Jerseys China, and is a safety hazard since it was not built to facilitate  small boats.
14.01.2018 08:51 Offline dfr8xcdj41

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