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"1982"-Linie 2-Fishtown(1)
"1982"-Linie 2-Fishtown(1) (Synthtronic)
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9453 mit neuer LED Anzeige am Hbf
9453 mit neuer LED Anzeige am Hbf


9453 mit neuer LED Anzeige am Hbf
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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15.03.2018 07:30 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The body of Robin Maxwell Thomas, who broke out of the Mackenzie Police Station on December 8 with alleged accomplice Stafrei Alexander, has been found in the Demerara River.Dead: Robin Maxwell ThomasOfficials said that Thomas? badly decomposed corpse was found in the vicinity of West Watooka, near the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge, about a week ago.But he was only positively identified about a day ago after detectives matched the victim?s thumbprint to prints of Thomas they have on record.Kaieteur News was told that police were unable to ascertain the cause of death due to the badly decomposed state of the corpse. Thomas was said to have provided police with information about the murder for which he and three others were charged.The victim?s mother,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Cheryl Hilliman, told Kaieteur News that a policeman visited her West Ruimveldt home at around 21.00 hrs on Monday. She said that the rank informed her that her son had drowned, and gave her two phone numbers for the Commander of ?E? Division. She said that yesterday, she contacted her brother who called the ?E? Division Commander.?He called the Commander and he (the Commander) say it is my son (who was dead), and they said that they know it is him from his thumb print.?Relatives were told to visit the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary today to see the body.Thomas? mother said that he has a scar under the right eye and a birthmark on his left buttock.Robin Maxwell Thomas, 22,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, of West Ruimveldt, and Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander,Cheap China Jerseys, 30, of Lot 129, Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt, broke out of the Mackenzie Police Station on December 8. The men reportedly escaped by smashing a hole through a cell wall. Thomas and Alexander along with Aiden Bowen, of Blueberry Hill, Wismar, and Anthony Primo,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 29,Wholesale China Jerseys, of 153 Laing Avenue, were charged for the April 4,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 2015 murder of businesswoman Shevon Gordon, who was shot near her One Mile, Linden premises.Still on the run: Stafrei AlexanderAssistant Police Commissioner David Ramnarine, who was acting as Crime Chief at the time,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, had told Kaieteur News that ?not enough vigilance was exercised? by the on-duty personnel.Ramnarine said that according to information, the ranks were in the Enquiries Office at around 02.00 hrs and when they checked the lockups they observed a hole in the concrete wall.?For anyone to dig a hole in a concrete wall, is that they went in there with some instrument, and it sends a message that they were not searched, and that their cell was not searched,? he said.?It is clear that there was a supervision problem and that enough vigilance was not exercised. I know that there will be an investigation.?
15.03.2018 13:29 Offline dfr8xcdj41

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