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Türgeräusch Tatra T4D
Türgeräusch Tatra T4D (Eschy5)
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9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee
9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee


9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee
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Article 216 of the Constitution dictates that all ?revenues or other moneys raised or received by Guyana ? be paid into and form one Consolidated Fund?. This has created much controversy over the years and for some time, remained clouded in uncertainty as it seemed to only apply to some State agencies.With plans to overhaul the financial system, Finance Minister Winston Jordan hopes to ensure that Article 216 of the Constitution is respected by all statutory institutions.He recalled that the controversy over respecting that aspect of the Constitution was further agitated when former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, gave the Audit Office advice in relation to the Lotto Funds. The advice flew in the face of Article 216.Jordan said, too, that it did not help that the Acts establishing a number of statutory bodies which collected moneys on behalf of Guyana, contained conflicting provisions on how the annual surpluses of those entities are to be accounted for.The Finance Minister said that what this meant in a number of cases, is that every time a statutory body is established to take over the functions previously carried out by a ministry or department of the Government, the revenues previously collected by that ministry or department were at least temporarily lost to the State.?Immediately, officers from my Ministry will begin consultations with those bodies with a view to effecting transfer of the accumulated balances on their accounts, and will work out modalities for regular in-year transfers to the Consolidated Fund,? Jordan stated.Finance Minister,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Winston JordanWith regard to the Lotto Fund case, Nandlall had said that the court was clear in its ruling that the then PPP Government had not acted unconstitutionally by not placing the proceeds from the Lotto Fund into the Consolidated Fund.But the Public Accounts Committee of the Tenth Parliament had ordered the Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, to seek ?independent? legal advice with regard to the controversial fund.Former Chairman of the Committee, Carl Greenidge, had said that the PAC was of course divided on the matter as those who represent the interest of the then PPP government communicated that the matter was already dealt with at the level of the court, and as such they were not in agreement with the Auditor General being told to seek independent legal advice.?He (Sharma) was told to get independent advice, because the advice given before was by the (former) Attorney General, and it was not appropriate because the AG advises the Cabinet,Adam Jones USA Jersey, not the Auditor General??Though the Committee may be divided on the issue, Greenidge was of the firm belief that the Lotto Funds and others should be paid into the Consolidated Fund, ?because these aren?t bodies established under the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act which allows for the establishment of extra budgetary agencies, and it is not established as such, for them to keep the money out of the fund and as such I maintain my position on the issue.?Trevor Williams, of the Alliance For Change (AFC), who served as a Member of Parliament, had insisted that the law is clear about the destination of State funds.Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram,wholesale jerseys, in a letter back in January 13, 2013 had said that Nandlall gave his own interpretation on the decision handed down by Justice Diane Insanally in the case of Desmond Trotman versus Attorney General, popularly known as the Lotto Funds case.Nandlall claimed that Justice Insanally decided the case on its merit, finding that ?the deposit of the monies in the Development Fund of Guyana (Lotto Fund) is in accordance with Article 216 of the Constitution, the provisions of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act and the Lotteries Act, thereby vindicating the Government?s position.?The truth cannot be more different, Ram contended in his letter.The action, he reminded,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, was initiated in April 2010 by Desmond Trotman, a Political Activist and now Member of Parliament for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). Essentially, Trotman asked the Court through his Attorneys, Miles Fitzpatrick, S.C and Christopher Ram, whether the share of the revenue received by the Government from the Guyana Lottery Company Limited, a private company incorporated under the Companies Act 1991, is required to be paid into the Consolidated Fund in accordance with Article 216 of the Constitution and Sections 21 and 38 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act 2003.He also asked whether as a consequence, the expenditure by the Government of the money without the authority of Parliament, is unconstitutional and illegal.On June 2, 2010, Ashton Chase S.C. and Pauline Chase, on behalf of the Attorney General did not respond to the issues raised,A.J. Morris Italy Jersey, but instead,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, asked the Court to strike out the plaintiff?s action on the following grounds: a) that the action failed to comply with the rules of the High Court; b) that Trotman had shown no right, legal or equitable, to seek any order by the Court; and c) that Trotman used the wrong procedure.On December 28, 2012, Justice Insanally, in a brief hearing in Chambers, delivered her decision on the arguments, ruling against Trotman on the procedural points, but not on the merits of the case.Subsequent efforts by Counsel, Ram said, to obtain a copy of the decision were unsuccessful, prompting Miles Fitzpatrick SC,cheap nfl jerseys, to write the Judge requesting a written decision.Through his Attorneys, Trotman has appealed the decision of the Court.Greenidge had subsequently written a lengthy statement in 2013 saying that he has no view to offer on the decision of the judge in the absence of a written explanation of the logic of the decision. ?I am a little surprised by it however,? the politician stated.He had said that the difficulty experienced by the National Assembly is not with the acceptability of the fund under the Constitution or the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, but with its administration.In the case of the Lotto fund, over the decade 1996 to 2006 alone, Greenidge said that some $3B of revenues is still to be accounted for.He had said that the National Assembly is still awaiting the reports and audited accounts from the government for the use of the millions of dollars of funds associated with the 2005 floods, the Cricket World Cup, the hosting of Carifesta X and the ICC Twenty/20 tournament.AFC Executive Member, Nigel Hughes, had also spoken on the issue stating that the Lotto Fund case was dismissed on a procedural point.  ?The principal issue of whether or not the Lotto Fund should go into the Consolidated Fund was never determined; it was never heard?arguments on that matter were never heard in the court.??The Court dismissed the case on a preliminary point?the issue on whether or not the Lotto Funds should go into the Consolidated Fund is still unanswered and undetermined.?
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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Yesterday, the team from the Special Forces of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) again came up empty-handed in the search which has now descended into the Kaieteur Gorge.The team is searching for Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivanand, the female tourist who was reported missing at Kaieteur National Park on Tuesday September 1.According to the Ministry of the Presidency,wholesale jerseys china, the search is very dangerous. The team members have to carefully navigate their way through the extremely rugged and rocky area. At the same time the Kaieteur Falls is at full flow.  As of 16:00 hrs last evening, there was no further word on their efforts.Late Tuesday afternoon,A.J. Morris Italy Jersey, there were reports that one tourist from a flight to the Kaieteur National Park,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, which initially had nine passengers,cheap nfl jerseys online, was discovered missing. A search operation was immediately launched by the National Parks Commission Rangers.Sivanand,NFL Jerseys Supply, who was employed in the field of Human Resource,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017, is a former employee of Laparkan and Singer?s. She was part of a nine-member touring party that left the Ogle airport for a tour of the world famous Waterfall in an Air Services Limited aircraft.Reports are that the woman was seen crying and talking on her phone while the airplane was heading to the tourist destination.When the aircraft landed at the falls the woman appeared in better spirits. Sivanand was discovered missing when the tour guide was distributing chits to the passengers for snacks,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, at the Kaieteur airstrip before they boarded the aircraft back to Ogle.One of her colleagues on the trip said that the missing woman was with the party when it was returning along the trail from the falls.She said that the woman lagged behind and when they urged her to walk up she said that she knew the place and that she had been there several times before.She spoke of being with a British team that discovered some caves in the Kaieteur Falls area a few years ago. That has been found to be not true.Reports are that all of the trails in the Park were searched. Binoculars were also used to view the area below the falls and along the sides of the gorge. However, there is still no trace of the woman.
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the latter part of the month ought to be pleasant.? After a remark on the proficiency he was making in the study of French,new balance roze, he quietly continues, ?There are many here who speak it ?à l?Américaine,? as if they thought that ?the chief end of man.??
As if never satisfied with his acquirements, he writes in one of his letters as follows: ?My latest hobby is telegraphing. The signal officer of the department has loaned me a small battery and an instrument. We have put up the wires and are progressing well. Telegraphy, like phonography, is easy to transmit after some little practice; but it is difficult to recognize the sounds as they come over the wire, and it requires as much practice as it does to recognize the phonographic characters. I have the instrument on the table before me,Nike Air Max 90 Essential Billig, and can not fail to gain some proficiency at any rate.?
In July, 1877,Air Max 2009 Chaussures, when the strikers and rioters were making trouble in St. Louis,Buty Nike Air Max 2013 M?skie, Mo.,Hommes Air Max 24-7 Nike Chaussures, Lieutenant Lockwood?s company and fiGoogle Links:


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Kommentare: 22854
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By Sunita SamarooOutstanding 20th century leader, visionary,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, innovator,cheap nfl jerseys online, builder, educator and women rights advocate were just a few of the words voiced to describe the nation?s First Executive President and Founder Leader of the People?s National Congress (PNC), Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham during the commemoration of his 30th death anniversary yesterday.A section of the gathering yesterday.At a late-afternoon ceremony held by the National Congress of Women (NCW), the unique political and philosophical beliefs of the nation?s former leader were brought into focus. Burnham, some renowned figures said, was not fully appreciated for the contributions he made in his time and the vision he had for the nation was grossly misunderstood.Among those who gathered to pay tribute to the late leader were members of the party that he founded, Ministers of Government,WBC Jerseys, longstanding city Mayor, Hamilton Green, members of his family and representatives of the NCW.In brief remarks, Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, hailed Burnham as the father of the nation. She said even as an academic and Attorney-at-Law, politics was in Burnham?s blood.Ally reflected that the nation?s former leader propelled the nation?s growth as he was an indefatigable foe of apartheid, a visionary, an advocate for women?s rights. He was alsoGuyanese Icon, Musician Eddy Grant during his reflectionsconcerned for youth development.?He served the nation well and eventually earned the Order of Excellence,? remarked Ally. Burnham, she reflected, was a great international leader who served his country, the Caribbean and the world at large with distinction.Vice Chairperson of the National Congress of Women (NCW) and Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence told the gathering that the former President,jerseys nfl wholesale, who died in 1985, was born in Kitty, earned a British Guiana Scholarship and read for his Law Degree at the University of London.The gathering was told that Burnham, who later became a Senior Counsel, was involved in the local government and once held the post of Mayor. Lawrence added that Burnham, a trade unionist, was once the President of the Guyana Labour Union.The NCW Chairperson divulged that the former President played a vital role in shaping the economical, social and political spheres of the country. His contributions and achievements as President, she related, were many to Guyana,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, the Caribbean and the world.To party members, she said Burnham was more than a founding leader and nation builder. He was a father figure and role model.?I can go on and on about his clairvoyance, how he lived ahead of his time, his dedication and his enduring legacy, spirit of independence and self-determination. Today, had he been alive heGYSM Executive, Dave Danny, during a riveting poetry recital.would have been 92 years and as we commemorate the anniversary of his death, let us remember him for what he is: one of the most outstanding leaders of the 20th century,? Lawrence said to a resounding round of applause.The NCW Chairperson urged those who gathered to remember the Burnham legacy and honour his memory.?This man was a complex and intriguing personality. We owe him for his commitment to nation building and the foundation that he laid for the cultural and economic liberation of this country. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was a man who devoted his life to serve and his vision is still current today,? Lawrence posited.Guyanese icon, Eddy Grant filled the audience?s ears with memories of Burnham. He emphasised that the former leader was ?all about inclusiveness.? Defending his friend, Grant said ?When all is said and done, he (Burnham) is the single greatest visionary this region has produced.?He said that the former President foresaw what others couldn?t at the time and problems arose because the population was not prepared. The former President, the gathering heard,NFL Jerseys Outlet, gave much thought to the beauty of his country and the resources it has, but was under-appreciated.?He told us about our wood, gold, our women,? said Grant who added that the former leader went as far as to educate the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Grant expressed that the population was blinded to how special the former leader was.?He was a special character with all the gifts of a leader?Guyana has suffered as a result of the loss of Forbes Burnham,? the Guyanese icon reflected. Burnham, in his eyes too, was an inclusive leader, ?a man who thought great things of small people.?Grant said he has planted thirty palms in his memory.Meanwhile, General Secretary of the PNC, Oscar Clarke spoke of their 1964 Manifesto, The New Road, where Burnham said Guyana was struggling to survive as a nation, torn by decision and impoverished as a result of partisanship and incompetence.?It needs a new breath of life, it needs unity and purpose. It cries out for leadership that is national, not sectional; leadership inspired with the ideal of building a free, prosperous and democratic nation where fear is banished and a man is a man,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale,? Clarke recited.Burnham, he said, believed that it was only through unity of purpose and action that a nation, free, democratic and prosperous would have been built.The founding leader?s goals, Clarke said, is also being reflected by the David Granger-led administration.The ceremony was done at the NCW Headquarters which also houses a monument of the former leader. Wreaths were laid at the moment by various figures. Among those who partook in the wreath-laying included, the former President?s son-in-law, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, PNC Member, Sharma Solomon and Eddy Grant.
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The Easter holidays have come and gone and everything has gone back to normalcy in Guyana. Many families were seen celebrating the joyous occasion with little children flying their kites high in the air while youths found themselves at a number of sporting activities and parties.But all has not returned to normalcy for the Alladeen and Insanali families who hail from Number 70 Village, Corentyne,wholesale jerseys, Berbice.Fourteen-year-old Sameer Insanali flew into Guyana with his two siblings, parents and grandparents to spend the Easter vacation with their relatives in Berbice. In the end the family got more than it bargained for.On Easter Monday morning,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, Sameer was standing in the corner of the road with his bicycle at Number 70 Village when a white car overtook another vehicle at a fast rate and struck him.Kaieteur News understands that the motor-car,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, which was identified as a white Toyota with license plate number PHH 9040 is currently lodged at the Springlands Police Station, Berbice.It was also reported that the vehicle belongs to a police rank.Sameer and his bicycle were hurled into the air and landed some distance from where he was standing. He reportedly landed with his head onto the road. His mother, Ruksana Alladeen, who was in her relatives? yard, heard the screech of brakes and thought that a vehicle had collided with another.She immediately turned her attention toward the sound and saw her teenaged son ?flying in the air with his bicycle following?.Alladeen stated that the car continued on its journey failing to stop or slow down. Her husband ran out of the yard and other relatives rushed to the aid of Sameer who was in an unconscious state.Sameer?s father ended in the middle of the road frantically trying to flag down passing vehicles but these refused to stop to render assistance. Some slowed down to survey the damages and according to Insanali,cheap nfl jerseys, they refused to carry her son because ?they didn?t want blood in their cars?.This publication understands that one car passed the scene and then stopped, reversed and offered assistance to the distraught family by taking Sameer to the Skeldon Hospital. The injured lad was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital then to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) because the two hospitals in Berbice ?did not have the facilities necessary for Sameer?s treatment?.Sameer who is currently a patient of the High Dependency Unit (HDU) at the GPHC, according to his mother, suffered a fractured skull (behind his left ear), swelling in his brain, blood accumulation in his head and internal bleeding.He has lacerations on his face,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, legs and arms, a broken tooth and his hips are also broken.Alladeen told Kaieteur News that her son was slipping in and out of consciousness and she is waiting to have Sameer flown out to the USA for urgent medical treatment which she feels would be better to access there.According to reports he is likely to be flown out today.Alladeen?s aunt,Adam Loewen Canada Jersey, Zalina Deen,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, told this newspaper that she was surprised at the way Guyanese operate in this society because it is supposed to be one of the most hospitable countries in the Caribbean.Deen also stated ? Why would people want to come back home (Guyana) when they can?t walk on the streets properly, they can?t go out anywhere because they are robbed, they can?t sleep in their houses peacefully and can?t remain at home because of security purposes??She added, ?This is the first time Sameer has been here to Guyana. He will never want to come back?How can someone be so cruel and heartless to hit down a child and not even stop? In America, if you hit a dog or animal, you stop to ascertain the damage.?
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