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S 215 UL MM - Bahnhof
S 215 UL MM - Bahnhof (dodel88250)
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9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee
9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee


9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The murder figure continues to climb with yet another killing in Guyana?s interior.The police are investigating the murder of Trevor Thomas,Jerseys NFL China, 19,Cheap NFL jerseys China, of Lethem,Cheap Jerseys From China, which occurred at about 23:00 on Wednesday at Mudhole Backdam,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Eteringbang.According to the police,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, Thomas and another man were imbibing,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, when an argument developed,Cheap NFL Jerseys, during which he was fatally stabbed to his chest.The suspect has not yet been arrested.
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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A magazine called “TUvia inspire the child” which is tailored to highlight the development of children in various aspects has been published.The magazine was published this month and is the collective idea by Corporate Advocate Inc.One of the Directors of Corporate Advocate Inc. Gary Thompson said the book is the first child star and family focus magazine and the key focus is to give young people a voice to express themselves and advocate issues to foster their development.He said children are encouraged to learn the golden rules and get an important job; however, enough is not being done to inspire all children. Thompson explained that more work can be done to inspire children to become young entrepreneurs and better social leaders.The magazine is setting out to lay such a foundation that will help children to be fertilized with that new way of thinking.The Director added that the magazine is a product that every Guyanese should be proud of since in the history of Guyana, there is no product that focuses on the seriousness on the comprehensive development of people.“It is a magazine that helps a person tap into their potential to achieve more than the simple things in life,NFL Jerseys China, which allows people to understand they were born with the potential to achieve unlimited success.”The magazine has several parts and various editions are set to be released. He revealed that the magazine can be purchase for a price of $600 at the University of Guyana, Nigel Supermarket, Survival Supermarket, “and because of the nature of the magazine we are working with many other entities to allow the magazine to be easily accessible throughout Guyana.”
13.03.2018 01:36 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 04.09.2017
Kommentare: 567
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13.03.2018 16:24 Offline lyp323h2

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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A senior police official has described as ugly the actions of ranks involved in the detention of a citizen who posted on the internet a video of two youths rolling a marijuana joint on the bonnet of a parked police vehicle.A part of the controversial video purportedly showing the two youths rolling a marijuana joint.According to the high ranking officer, the police ranks who arrested Francis Bailey, 29, and forcibly deleted the recording of the video from his camera appeared very prejudicial, since they appear to be acting upon the instigation of the owner of a mechanic shop where the vehicle was being serviced.The police even made him delete the video from the internet at the instigation of the owner of the mechanic shop, who does work for the Guyana Police Force.Bailey, an anti-corruption advocate and one of the faces behind social media movement, Real Guyana, has expressed disgust at what he described as undue and malicious harassment by the police as a result of the video he made public on his social media accounts.From all indications the ranks were acting as enforcers for the mechanic.When contacted yesterday, the top police official said that the mechanic was contacted and told that he has to accept responsibility for the actions of the youths.The young men seen in the video are reportedly closely associated with the mechanic shop, since they retreated into the facility after they had finished rolling the joint.Bailey recorded the incident and on Tuesday last, he posted the video on YouTube. The video?s note spoke extensively of the activity observed at the shop and the fact that the owner purportedly works on police vehicles regularly.He claimed that the police teamed up with the mechanic shop owner to victimize him, a view partly shared by the senior official.?the police action certainly appears to be prejudicial,? the official said.According to Bailey, he was out on a fishing trip with some friends at the back of North Ruimveldt, Georgetown around 13:30 hours on February 22, last, when he happened upon a strange scene at a neighbourhood mechanic shop.Bailey told this publication that he spotted two youngsters rolling a ?spliff? (a cannabis cigarette) while leaning on the bonnet of a police van which was parked in front of the workshop. The van was parked a few feet away from a prison truck.?These youths work for a mechanic in North Georgetown?. Not only can you find children working in the workshop but they can get weed from him as well. Now guess what…he has a contract with the Guyana Police Force to fix their vehicles. Police roll in and out of this yard all week long and know very well what?s going on. I would say more but ?Real? would get shot for it,? Bailey noted.The 29-year-old told this publication that around 11:00 hours the next day, the shop owner pulled up at his South Ruimveldt residence.?All I heard was my gate being beat down and a distinct voice was shouting, ?I gun beat him. He gun see what gun happen to him. If you die just like that, that?s me!?? he recalled hearing.According to the 29-year-old when he looked out his window, he saw a gang of six men forcing their way into his yard. A grey pick-up truck was parked on the road.The activist said that he asked the men if they were threatening him, as he got his camera and began recording the incident.The businessman reportedly told Bailey that he will file a police report ?because he videoed his entity and the police were questioning him.??He said I needed to take off the video (from the internet) or he will deal with me.?But Bailey reportedly defended that the video did not focus on his business. As his neighbours watched, the businessman got into the vehicle and left.Fearful for his life, the 29-year-old hopped on his bicycle, rode down to the North Ruimveldt Police Outpost where he attempted to lodge a report of the incident.He told Kaieteur News that the Station Sergeant refused to take his statement and the businessman later walked into the station with a squad of army and police ranks.?They all had guns and they came into the station with him. He pointed at me and said ?He is the man.??The 29-year-old told this publication that a police rank turned to him and said ?So you?re the man that made the video.? He said one rank pushed for him to be arrested and shortly after he was instructed by a Police Corporal to sit on the bench next to other detainees.The Corporal reportedly said he should not have made the video.Bailey said the police instead took a report from the businessman.He said that he attempted to video the incident but his camera was seized at the businessman?s behest; who claimed that he is ?dangerous? with it.Bailey said the police then placed him to sit in the tray of a van. With the businessman in tow, they ventured to his house where they ransacked his premises. After they found nothing,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the 29-year-old said they turned and said they would charge him since ?One way or the other we are going to get you!?He reportedly told them ?I?m not getting arrested for this. I?d rather die. I?m not going to jail, I haven?t done anything wrong. I ain?t Mark Benschop. I ain?t about to sit in jail for five years for nothing!?Bailey said out of frustration, he took a bottle of poison saying he would rather drink it and it was then that the police threatened to arrest him, claiming that he would be charged for attempting suicide.While at his home, they grilled him about the video. They told him to take his laptop and they headed back to the station. His attempt to call an attorney was shot down.At the station, they reportedly told him, ?If you ain?t want to get in prison for this you have to delete that video.?They rounded up in the vehicle and went to a place he identified as an off-duty policewoman?s home on National Avenue, South Ruimveldt to access the internet.It was there that he was forced to access his account and delete the video. He said all the while the female police rank said that, ?I am evil and they should beat me. I should?ve drank the poison and die.?They then forced him to make a video apologizing and they later uploaded it. He said when he returned to the station to uplift his items, he found that a large amount of his videos were deleted.Bailey claimed that at no point was the businessman investigated.Bailey who subsequently re-uploaded the video which reportedly went viral in a few hours yesterday told this newspaper that he would welcome an investigation into what he described as blatant police harassment.?The Guyana I envision is a just one and I want an investigation to be launched and let the chips fall where they may,? he said.The video at the center of this controversy can be found on this YouTube address below. In this video the young men can be seen rolling the ?spliff,? wiping the vehicle and heading back into the shop.
13.03.2018 17:02 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 04.09.2017
Kommentare: 567
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