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SL 328
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9453 Eduard-Otto-Straße
9453 Eduard-Otto-Straße


9453 Eduard-Otto-Straße
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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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–    AFC said was a ?hard fight? to get APNU backingThe new Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, yesterday said that he is not bothered about the negative rhetoric being peddled by the governing party regarding his elevation to the position.?The proof of the pudding will be in the eating,? said Trotman,A.J. Morris Italy Jersey, who leads the seven-seat opposition Alliance for Change (AFC), told reporters yesterday as he looks to carry out his Parliamentary mandate impartially.Raphael Trotman at an AFC Press Conference yesterday.The ruling People?s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) which lost its 19-year control of the National Assembly in the elections of November 28, is upset that the two opposition parties combined their majority in the House to vote in Trotman as Speaker.Those two parties ? the Alliance for Change (which Trotman currently leads) and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) ? are being accused of breaching what the PPP/C called the ?convention? of Westminster Parliamentary democracies in which a nominee of the party with the single majority in the House gets the Speaker?s position.But Chairman of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that the only convention that exists is that the majority of votes decides the Speaker. He suggested that the only case in which a minority party gets the position of Speaker is when a party in opposition decides to support the government?s candidate.In this case, he said that the PPP/C stuck doggedly to its nomination of Ralph Ramkarran to be Speaker and was unwilling to budge. Ramjattan said rigid position of the PPP/C did not allow room for negotiations at the tripartite level.The AFC and APNU are being accused of opting out of talks at the tripartite level to wrestle away the Speaker position from the PPP/C.With the PPP/C not budging from its position,Adam Jones USA Jersey, Ramjattan said the AFC decided to seek the support of the APNU for its nominees, namely Trotman and former PPP strongman Moses Nagamootoo.Trotman has initially stepped out of the race to allow for full support for Nagamootoo. However, the APNU stuck to its guns in not supporting Nagamotoo. As a result, to break the deadlock,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Trotman stepped back in,Adam Loewen Canada Jersey, and after a ?hard fight? APNU agreed to throw their votes behind him.?APNU doesn?t give anything on a platter,? Ramjattan declared, as he sought to fend off suggestions that getting APNU to support Trotman was easy.However,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, the AFC has thanked APNU,cheap nfl jerseys online, especially its Chairman,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, Brigadier (ret.) David Granger for their support in Parliament last Thursday, ?that resulted in this unique and historic event which ushered in the youngest Speaker in the history of Guyana’s National Assembly.?Reading from a prepared statement, the AFC?s Clayton Hall said the PPP/C government must accept that it does not have a monopoly on power any longer and that the power of the people would have to be recognized and accepted.The AFC said that it is prepared to work with both APNU and the PPP/C to facilitate a Parliamentary agenda that serves the national interest and which brings direct and equal benefits for all Guyanese.
16.03.2017 11:18 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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17.03.2017 19:08 Offline dfr8xcdj41

Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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– firearm, cellular phone and jewellery missing  Popular businessman Farouk Ghanie Hamid was found murdered at the back of his Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara home at around 07.30 hrs yesterday.Hamid, 56, the owner of Hamson?s General Store on Regent Street, appeared to have been stabbed to the left side chest and under the chin.The gruesome discovery was made by the victim?s reputed wife, who found the father of five lying next to the kennel where he kept his German Shepherd.The businessman lived alone in the two-storey property.A police source confirmed that Hamid?s firearm and cellular phone are missing.Hamid?s relatives reportedly told investigators that the businessman also wore expensive jewellery, but nothing was found on him except his Rolex wristwatch.?We found ammunition and his gun case in the bedroom upstairs. There was no sign of his weapon and jewellery,cheap nfl jerseys, but we found almost a million dollars in the same bedroom. His pockets were turned outwards, which means his attacker searched him,? a police source said.Police suspect that the killer may be someone who had previously visited the property and was familiar with the slain man?s dog.It is believed that the businessman was attacked on Wednesday night. One theory is that the suspect might have been hiding at the back of the house,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017, waiting on him to arrive.?We can?t say if he (Hamid) went inside his house before he was killed, but what we can say is that when he walked to the back to feed his dog,A.J. Morris Italy Jersey, he was stabbed there, because a container with dog food was found near his body,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply,? a source said.No one reported hearing any noise emerging from the property.Neighbours said that Hamid?s dog would bark continuously whenever anyone passed the businessman?s property.?That dog would not allow people to walk across that yard in peace,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, so imagine what would happen if an unknown person went into that yard. We heard no barking, which means that the killer is someone known to both the victim and his dog,? a neighbour said.According to reports, Hamid?s reputed wife realised that something was amiss after the businessman failed to arrive at her Eccles, East Bank Demerara residence to pick up the couple?s daughter.After repeatedly failing to reach him by phone, the woman and an employee went to Hamid?s Nandy Park residence, where they eventually found his body.As news spread of the businessman?s death, his relatives were seen rushing to his home. Screams were heard from a distance.His brother, Fazal Hamid, told this newspaper that he received a telephone call early yesterday from someone who informed him that his sibling had been killed.?I heard that his common-law wife tried calling him several times and after he did not answer his phone, she went over and discovered his body.?He said that while his brother has no enemies, the businessman had recently fired an employee.He added that he would see his brother often, since they both operate their business in the same area.One of Hamid?s neighbours noted that every night at about 18:30 hrs, he would arrive home and switch on his lights.?His lights does bright up over by me, so last night when the lights didn?t come on, I thought that maybe he was out of the country or perhaps he was running late at work.?She said that she had no idea a murder had taken place.Meanwhile,jerseys nfl wholesale, the dead man?s workers gathered at his home in disbelief. One employee, who asked not to be named, said that the businessman dropped him on James Street, Albouystown, at around 19:30 hrs on Wednesday and gave him $1000.?His last words to me was,NFL Jerseys Outlet, ?you alright? and he left to go home. I went to work (yesterday) and I see the mistress jump in a car and then I hear the secretary start to scream and when I go, I hear he was killed. I still can believe this.?
17.03.2017 21:49 Offline dfr8xcdj41

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Kommentare: 1852
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sin Mountains,Newcastle United 16/17 Koszulki, that being about ninety miles from Benton as the crow flies,Nike Air Max 90 Essential Billig, but had moved their village some days before. He also told me there were three Blackfeet war parties out after Crows and Gros Ventres. We should have to look out for them. With this information as to where to pick up the trail, it would be easy for us to locate the Crow village, unless we met hostile war parties. For about half the distance to the Medicine Springs the country is very broken.
We forded the Missouri River and struck across a333 rolling country to Arrow Creek, thirty miles from Benton, and reached the creek about sixteen miles east of Rattling Buttes. These buttes, at the east end of the Highwood Mountains,oakley sunglasses cheap online, were in a dangerous country. It was a famous resort for war parties,Buty Nike Air Max 2013 M?skie, and game of all kinds was abundant. Here we stood guard turn about. Because you see no Indians nor signs of any,Air Max 2009 Chaussures, it does not follow that none are in the neighborhood. In a hostile or semi-hostile country never trust to appearances, but be as much on the aGoogle Links:


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Registriert seit: 15.03.2017
Kommentare: 22854
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The Turning Point area in East la Penitence,jerseys nfl wholesale, last evening, exploded in yellow andDeputy Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Greene, rallying the troops last evening.green as A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) staged their official launch of Local Government Elections (LGEs).This occasion saw turnout from citizens across the city. Present also,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017, were the various candidates ? under the (APNU/AFC) ? who would have signaled their intention to run for their respective constituencies.Present at the function were also,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, Mayor of Georgetown,cheap nfl jerseys china, Hamilton Green; Deputy Mayor,wholesale jerseys china, Patricia Chase-Greene and Minister of Social Protection,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Volda Lawrence.After more than two decades, Local Government Elections are scheduled to be held on March 18,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, 2016.
18.03.2017 20:12 Offline dfr8xcdj41

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