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Samnaun GR 838 Endpunkt Samnaun Dorf
Samnaun GR 838 Endpunkt Samnaun Dorf (Silli)
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50640. Kommentar zum Bild : 9456 wieder neutral o..W. an der T.-Mann-Straße, 2 - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 18.06.2018 14:58]
florian9452 Cheap NBA Store x43vaxm2 [gesamt : 1890 Kommentar(e) zu diesem Bild]
By Keeran DannyGuyana can essentially be called a home to the Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles, which are listed as critically endangered worldwide. These turtles are reportedly experiencing population growth, which is recorded and tracked. This is essentially because of the active Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS) at Shell Beach, Region One.In a recent interview with Kaieteur News, Romeo De Freitas, Country Coordinator for Marine Turtle Project, and a person who has been involved in the conservation of marine turtle since 1988, provided greater insight into the state of the various turtle populations.Kaieteur News (KN): What inspired the conservation of marine turtles in Guyana?Romeo De Freitas with a Leatherback turtleRomeo De Freitas (RD): ?The Sea turtle conservation programme in Guyana, was established in 1988 by my father Audley James, who was then an active turtle hunter along with some other countrymen from the Moruca communities. The population of marine turtles in the early ?80s was devastated, with carcases scattered all over the nesting habitat, as a result of the fact that every turtle that came to lay eggs was being killed by local fishermen and turtle hunters alike.In 1988,Cheap Jerseys Online, my dad and Dr. Peter Pritchard, world-renowned Turtle Specialist, met on Almond Beach. Where they discussed and came up with an arrangement and methods which will enable the protection of the marine turtles. That conservation programme started in the middle of the turtle nesting season, I subsequently joined my dad on the beach at age 17 and worked along ever since.I was inspired by my dad and this new project and generally the nesting of turtles; tagging,Wholesale China Jerseys, rescuing, relocating of eggs and releasing of hatchlings to their safety in the sea. And, at the same period trying our best to convince the turtle hunters, to stop killing the adult turtles and harvesting their eggs.?KN: Why is so much emphasis being placed on conserving marine turtles?RD: Sea turtles spend almost all their lives in water. But, to reproduce they need to come on land to lay their eggs. These creatures have survived the ages of the dinosaurs, but despite this they remain vulnerable. Once on the beach they are slow movers and have been targeted as prey by dogs, jaguars and humans. Hatchlings face predators such as ghost crabs,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, raccoons, dogs, and once entangled by nets or beach vines, they perish by the hot temperatures during the day. And finally, in the ocean they are exposed to fish, sharks, birds, nets and pollutants such as petroleum and plastic bags.A Leatherback makes her way to an appropriate egg-laying locationMarine turtles are a delicacy and have been used as food resources for centuries.  Turtle soup has been in huge demand, especially in Europe, which relates to the overharvesting of the Greens population. Tortoise shells (scutes from the Hawksbill turtle) have also been in huge demand on the international market mainly for spectacle frames, hair slides, combs and jewels.  Generally, in its entire life cycle a sea turtle faces deadly circumstances… from the time the eggs are deposited in the sand. Most beaches and coastal areas, especially on the South American Coast, have inland swamps and high tides, so whenever the rain falls and the tide level rises, a lot of turtles? eggs are being spoiled or doom on the beaches.?KN: What is being done to educate residents of riverine communities about the need to conserve these vulnerable creatures?RD: In 1990 we developed an education awareness programme in Moruca and were spearheaded by Fr George Vanderwood of the Santa Rosa Roman Catholic Church and senior Teachers of the Santa Rose Primary School. We established the Santa Rosa Conservation Club, which was funded by Conservation International. The membership had consisted of over 150 youngsters, and our conservation initiative began to flourish and has continued to date.Every year, we have groups of students from various schools – mainly from the fishing communities – visit the monitoring camps. There, we educate them on marine turtles and their environment, forestry, coastal management and protected areas.These Education and Monitoring programmes have been funded by various entities over the years. Chelonian Research Institute (CRI),China NFL Jerseys, World Wildlife Fund (WWF),Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Eerepami and Simpson Oil Limited (SOL)We have just completed our education awareness programme for the 2013 season, where over 100 students participated on the beach, along with teachers and parents. This initiative allows them to have a firsthand experience of the turtles. Nightly patrols with the GMTCS rangers allow them to see how the turtles are being tagged and measured, eggs are relocated, and hatchlings being released to the sea.So generally they have a broad, practical idea of what we do. They are also exposed to the theoretical aspect, having daily indoor classroom sessions covering topics related to the sea turtles and its environment.KN: The current state of our marine turtle populations…could you provide some perspective?RD: In Guyana, the population of the marine turtles seems to be stable for the past few seasons; there has been an increase in Greens population for this season. The Leatherbacks have also been recorded in an increasing numbers over the past few years – due to the reproduction success of eggs being hatched over the past two decades, and marine turtles take between 25 to 35 years to mature. There is a strong and positive feeling of the outcrop of turtles nesting this season, and it generally results from our 25 years of conservation project.Hawksbill hatchlings on Shell BeachFrom the beginning of this nesting season – early February to present date; we have recorded over 460 Greens activities and presently, the Leatherbacks started to lay their eggs at an average of eight turtles per night. One hundred and ninety-nine Leatherbacks were recorded over the past six weeks along with eight Hawksbills.Hundreds of hatchlings have also been released and continue on a nightly basis from the hatchery.Six dead Leatherbacks were also recorded. The cause of death was mainly because of incidental catch by long gill nets, locally known as ?drift seine?. Fishing in the Nesting beach areas stills remain a problem,China Jerseys Cheap, where turtles are being caught in gill nets and on a high percentage being drowned.KN: Is enough being done to track the population growth?RD: We are only concentrating in one nesting site this season, Almond Beach, which is the main nesting habitat. There are other beaches along the coast, that we could not monitor, but due to a lack of resources – both human and financial – we are forced to concentrate only on the main nesting beach.The monitoring programme begins from February to August – annually- and data gathering is being done on a daily basis, using various methods. Analysis of the activities and records determine the population trends. These are done by the end of the season, and in comparison to the past seasons, we then get our results in terms of increased or decreased population.Direct population of the marine turtles is not known worldwide, but in Guyana; the Greens, Leatherback and the Hawksbill are increasing, we recorded a few Olive Ridleys over the past few seasons.  The Olive Ridley turtle population has been pressured by incidental catch by fishing trawlers, mainly because of their diet that consists of shrimps, sea bobs and other crustaceous.KN: What are some of the other challenges the marine turtles encounter?RD: Last year, we encountered over a half dozen Olive Ridleys with flotation problems. And, almost all of these turtles were rescued by fishermen in the Demerara,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, and Essequibo estuaries. I had kept a few turtles in captivity and treated them, until they were able to dive once more, before releasing them back to the sea. The flotation problem can be caused by turtles being hit while in foraging grounds by trawl nets, which have a special door that keeps the trawls down and expand.Leatherback turtles worldwide are red-listed as critically endangered, likewise all the other eight types of sea turtles – but in the Guianas – Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana – and even including Trinidad, this region is known to have the largest leatherback population. In other countries such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the population is very low and almost gone.Looking at it on a global perspective, Marine turtles are endangered. Of the marine turtles, Leatherbacks suffer more due to their diets ? leatherbacks feed mainly on jellyfish, and on many occasions they die by suffocation as a result of consuming plastic bags instead of jellyfish.KN: Are there protective measures in place?RD: The Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society, with assistance from various agencies, has been trying to protect the marine turtles. However, it is very challenging to conserve the turtles when fishing is a major economic activity in riverine and coastal communities.Shrimp Trawlers have a special design Turtle Excluder Devises- ?TEDs? – which are being used on these trawl nets as an escaped trap door, turtles that are being caught in these nets have a fair chance of escaping, while the fish and shrimp remain in the nets. The TEDs also serve as a reducer of by catch. On the contrary, there is nothing we can do about the long gill nets and the impact they cause on the marine turtle population, other than having ?No Netting Zones? demarked in front of the nesting beaches during the season.?De Freitas indicated that because of our geographic locations and seven major rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean, citizens should play a more serious role and avoid discharging garbage that pollutes the waterways, because of the valuable marine stocks that depend on them as their natural habitat.One of the future plans of the GMTCS is to encourage the Ministry of Education to include topics on the conservation of turtles and its environment (along with other endangered fauna and flora), in the school curriculum.De Freitas also highlighted that Shell Beach is now a Protected Area and has laws that govern the protection of all endangered species. There are fines that cover the marine turtles – ranging from $70,000 to $500,000 – and imprisonment, depending on the stage of the act when being intercepted.
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50639. Kommentar zum Bild : 9470 ebenfalls mit neuer LED Matrixanzeige am Hbf - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 18.06.2018 14:57]
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-strange order made after May 11 electionsHigh frequency radios; Toners for printers and photocopiers; Pliers and nippers. They all had one thing in common last year ? Hundreds of millions of dollars were paid for them under very questionable circumstances by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).The purchases, for the May 11, 2015, are now the subject of a major investigation by state auditors.There are two other transactions that will also come under investigations- the purchase of Duracell batteries. The batteries are supposed to be used in lamps on Elections Days, in the case of power outages or in far-flung polling stations that are without electricity. Each lamp reportedly uses four batteries.According GECOM?s polling days staffers, as part of its kit for elections day, each station is given two lamps.According to official figures of contracts awarded last year, there were two payments for Duracell batteries by GECOM. One contract was awarded on April 23, 2015, about three weeks before the elections for $14,529,000. This contract was awarded to Mobile Authority, a business owned by Water Street businessman, Michael Brasse.There was another contract awarded to the same entity for $9,180,518 on May 21, 2015, making it a total of $23,709,518 paid for Duracell batteries last year.The dates and the total number ordered in Duracell batteries would be of huge significance for a number of reasons.Ordered after ElectionsWith regards to the contract date of May 21, the big question according to GECOM officials is why would the entity want to enter into a contract after the elections for the batteries.GECOM has been left with several boxes of the Duracell batteries delivered by Brasse, who according to official figures was a favourite business for contracts by the commission.Investigations by Kaieteur News revealed that GECOM and taxpayers paid millions of dollars more for those batteries than what they could have been acquired for.In New York,Cheap Jerseys Online, at the Dollar Dan store on Liberty Avenue, Queens, two of those ?D? batteries, Duracell brand, were retailing yesterday for US$3.99. With tax included, the total price for two of batteries was US$4.34.Local distributors yesterday told Kaieteur News that they could have supplied any amount at US$1 each ($200).Assuming that each of the 2,299 polling stations used eight batteries, it meant GECOM wanted at least 18,392 batteries.Brasse could have acquired 20,000 of those ?D? batteries (Duracell brand),NFL Jerseys China, using a $300 tag price for $6,000,000.Instead GECOM paid $23,NFL Jerseys China Online,709,518 or about $17.7M more.It is a known business fact that wholesale quantities attract a lower price.This particular transaction is likely to cause anger among some local distributors who only learnt of the GECOM?s purchases after it was announced last year by former Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon.Questioned about it, Luncheon had said, then, that the idea was to protect against any blackouts on Polling Day.The Duracell batteries contracts would join a number of other questionable multi-million-dollar payments to Brasse and his brother,jerseys nfl wholesale, Mahendra Brasse, owner of Standard Distributors, a King Street, Lacytown business.In late April,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, three weeks prior to the May 11 General and Regional Elections, the entity doled out $14.8M for the purchase of nippers/pliers from a King Street, Lacytown business called Standard Distributors.It appeared that GECOM paid out an average of $6,000 apiece for those pliers when they could have been acquired on the local market for $600. It was not even a brand name.Michael Brasse?s Mobile Authority, M-Tech Business Solutions and Mibra Trading received up to $290M in contracts last year.His brother received $31M. Both men appeared to be preferred suppliers, receiving the lion?s or the hog?s share.GECOM is under investigation by state auditors in a scandal that has dragged in the Opposition- the People?s Progressive Party/Civic which was in power prior to the May 11 elections.The Opposition and its members on the Commission have distanced itself from the transactions of GECOM, saying that the entity asked for the money and it provided.No ApprovalInitially, state auditors moved in on GECOM to probe a major contract to Michael Brasse for a $100M purchase of high frequency communications radio sets for the May 11 elections. The sets, from all indications, were never used and there are questions about the urgent reasons advanced by GECOM for those radios in the first place.The radio probe by the Audit Office of Guyana has brought intense focus on GECOM?s spending. A number of alarming things have been unearthed with the audit now expanded to other things.GECOM, tasked with running elections in Guyana, has refused to respond to the charges of irregularities, saying that there is an active investigation by state auditors.The revelations would continue to rock GECOM which until now has been doing well to keep a tight rein on its inner workings.Already, the Opposition has called for the findings of the current probe by state auditors to be made public.The PPP commissioners on GECOM have made it clear that many of the larger transactions did not even appear before them for approval.With regards to the radios ordered last year, it appeared that the urgent reasons advanced by GECOM to buy 50 HF radios may not have been so urgent after all.Despite the $100M expended, the radios were never put into use,nhl jerseys outlet, according to officials.The radios were delivered just a few days before elections making it impossible for it to be deployed to outlying areas in time for the elections.State auditors are also looking to verify reports that GECOM had enough of those HF radios on hand, but yet went ahead and ordered more?those ?more? were never used.It is the belief that those radios, bought since 2006, were dumped on GECOM in a deal involving officials there.The model was discontinued since 2009,Cheap NFL Jerseys, leaving GECOM facing questions over warranties and spare parts.Brasse also supplied toners for printers and photocopiers to the tune of $92M. It appeared from complaints by local suppliers that even the authorized distributors were bypassed for Brasse.GECOM?s Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, and its Chairman, Dr. Steve Surujjbally, are currently on leave.Dr. Surujbally has signaled his intentions to retire this year after being there for more than a decade and half.
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50638. Kommentar zum Bild : KVB Liniennetz 1980 - [In Kategorie : Zubehör der Verkehrsunternehmen] [gepostet am : 18.06.2018 14:32]
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50637. Kommentar zum Bild : 9474 Reuterstraße - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 18.06.2018 14:11]
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Everybody know that power does corrupt; that absolute power does corrupt absolutely. And dem boys ain?t talking bout absolut vodka. If power don?t land in de right man hand we gun always end up in trouble.Jagdeo was a young man when Janet push power in he hand. He later become de most scampish individual Guyana ever produce. As a matter of fact, he corrupt more than half of Guyana. That is why de Pee Pee Pee out of office and a new set come.But dem boys seh it look like he corrupt some of dem who deh in de new coalition. De first couple weeks, dem boys notice some of dem scamps who use to surround Jagdeo like flies round a cow behind, suddenly fly into de coalition camp, and stake out Soulja Bai, Li?l Joe also known as Joe Humbo and some others, like how cat does stake out rat.Some of Soulja Bai people allow demselves to be eaten raw by Jagdeo cats. All Guyana was watching, listening and waiting, because dem know was only time. Whatever dem do in de dark will come to light, de same way how Jagdeo scampishness coming to light.Li?l Joe swear-in BK secretly; not even Soulja Bai did know. That come to light. Dem boys know Bai Shan was thick wid Jagdeo and he people. That company do de gods.When de coalition was out of office, de members describe Bai Shan as a leech and a bloodsucker to this nation.Dem boys surprise when dem hear,NFL Jerseys China, two days ago, that Li?l Joe, who now tun Joe Humbo, overturn a decision de coalition took to recover millions of Uncle Sam dollars Bai Shan got in concessions under Jagdeo.Talk half and wait fuh de shake-up.
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50636. Kommentar zum Bild : 9458 Poppelsdorfer Allee - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 18.06.2018 14:11]
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Although some students were evidently nervous, most insisted that theyMinister Manickchand engages some students before the start of the exam.were confident and ready to take on the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) which commenced at primary schools across the country yesterday.Even before 08:00 hours, yesterday, Grade Six students, some accompanied by their parents, older siblings, other relatives or guardians, could be seen flocking the compounds of primary schools. They all appeared anxious to get the process started.As the 9 o?clock hour approached, at some schools motivational speeches and prayers were understandably the order of the day.In fact some students were given an added bonus when Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, along with a team of officials including Superintendent of Examinations, Ms Sauda Kadir,Wholesale China Jerseys, and Assistant Chief Education Officer (Primary), Marcel Hudson, graced their schools with their presence simply to wish them good luck and offer short pep-talks.  Among the schools the Minister and her team visited were the Winfer Garden and Stella Maris Primaries, both in Georgetown.The Minister?s visit to the latter brought with it all too familiar nostalgic feelings to her.  A product of the school herself, the Minister reflected on the year she wasSome of the anxious Grade Six students ahead of commencing the 2012 NGSA.in the very same position; preparing to sit Common Entrance, which has since been renamed the National Grade Six Assessment.  ?Stella Maris is my old school. That is one of the reasons I stopped here. In fact I was reminiscing on how my mother marched me in from the road head to take my exams…?At the Winfer Garden Primary, the Minister arrived just in time to witness Head Teacher, Ms Jennifer Cumberbatch, encouraging her students to do their best even as she ended with a prayer aimed at channelling guidance and understanding.Having visited the city schools, the Minister in brief remarks expressed satisfaction with the NGSA preparation, assuring that ?we are ready; we are ready in every nook and cranny,? even as she alluded to Guyana?s attainment of universal primary education.According to the Minister, all over Guyana children have access to primary education and are therefore able to readily participate in the NGSA.  ?If we had to test our skills about being able to deliver across Guyana it is through this exam (NGSA) that we would do it because this is the stage (primary level) that isSome parents and other relatives gather outside the Stella Maris Primary.accessible all across Guyana.?However, the Minister noted that the Ministry of Education is now faced with a challenge to ensure that the same number of students that participate in the 2012 NGSA will also be undertaking the Caribbean Secondary Certificate Education (CSEC) examination in the next five years.The Minister revealed that the education sector is working ?feverishly? to realise universal secondary education, an achievement which is expected to become a reality under the President Donald Ramotar regime.Glitch ResolvedSome 18,000 candidates registered to participate in this year?s NGSA and according to the Superintendent of Examinations, all logistical and administrative preparations were in place to allow for smooth operation over the two-day assessment.However, she noted that the system has been subjected to a few glitches which have all been resolved. She explained that for security purposes the examination papers are usually stored at police stations and officers are tasked with opening the boxes on the morning of the examination.It was revealed that at one school the Station Sergeant was late to perform the prescribed duty which had caused some concerns. According to Kadir, ?it has been resolved and it is nothing for us to be alarmed about. All arrangements are in place and we are ready to deal with any and all difficulties should they arise…anything that comes up we are prepared to address.?Kadir revealed too that the Ministry is in constant contact with the respective officials in the Regional Education Departments and ?they are prepared and geared…so all is well for today and tomorrow.?According to the ACEO (Primary), the NGSA is a very important examination which has seen him personally reaching out to all of the Regional Education Officers, as the examination is not merely a Georgetown-centered activity. He noted that even before yesterday?s start of the examination he had instructed the various school districts to ensure that primary students were able to undertake revisionary work as according to him ?this is important to help their performance?.?We have been urging our children not to be over-confident but to be calm and ensure that they are focused so that they can produce.?He emphasised, too, that the aim of the NGSA is to ensure that each child at the primary level is able to access a secondary education so that they could go on to write CSEC and do well.Invigilators PreparedDesiree McLeod, one of the senior invigilators at Stella Maris, ahead of the start of the NGSA yesterday, expressed hope that students will be of their best behaviours throughout the examining process.?We have already been advised how they should sit and once they follow the instructions that is the main thing….They are children and we are prepared for them…I?ve been doing this for a long time.?Her experience over the years has taught her that some students are likely to be inclined to visit the washrooms, throw down their pencils and engage in a few other distracting activities.Some students, according to McLeod, have been known to vomit during examinations as well. However, the presence of invigilators, according to her is to ensure that students are closely monitored.?We try to deal with them as best as possible and in cases where they are very nervous we just try our best to calm them down because they are still babies to us.?Each assessment, she said, is slated for one and a half hours with sessions being conducted in the mornings and in the afternoons.Yesterday students were required to undertake assessments in English Language and Science while today they will be tasked with undertaking Mathematics and Social Studies.
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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) ? A federal judge in Tampa, Florida, sentenced Grammy-winning reggae singer Buju Banton to 10 years in prison yesterday, the lowest sentence legally allowed for his role in a large cocaine trafficking deal in 2009.The 38-year-old Jamaican recording artist got a break when U.S. District Judge James S. Moody threw out a gun conviction, which would have added another five years to the minimum sentence. Banton?s attorney, David Markus, said with time already served and good behaviour, he could be out in six years.In a statement he wrote after the sentencing, Banton ? whose given name is Mark Myrie ? thanked family, fans and supporters from around the world who flooded the court file with letters of support.?The days that lie ahead are filled with despair, but I have courage and grace and I?m hopeful, and that is sufficient to carry me through,? he said in the statement, which was read by Markus. ?The man is not dead. Don?t call him a ghost.?Prosecutors acknowledged that Banton did not put any money into the drug deal nor did he ever profit from it. Markus characterized his client as ?a big talker? who admitted to trying to impress the confidential informant but wasn?t involved in any drug deal. Much of the case hinged on meetings and phone calls that were video and audio-taped by the informant, who was working with the Drug Enforcement Administration ? and who made $50,000 in commission after the bust.Markus said he plans to appeal.?Among the dozens of letters of support in the court file were those from several of Banton?s 15 children wrote, a Jamaican government official, an NBA player, other reggae artists and actor Danny Glover,China Jerseys Wholesale, who called Banton a ?role model, philanthropist and spiritual leader in the community.?Shortly before his conviction in February, he won a Grammy for best reggae album for his work entitled ?Before the Dawn.?
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The government set the target of foreign tourists arrivals this year at 12 million people? or 15 percent higher than last year.But Sessions faced a rising chorus of demands that he resolve the seeming contradiction between his two conversations in the summer and fall with Kislyak and his sworn statements to Congress in January,Wholesale Jerseys Online, when he said he had not had communications with Russians during the campaign. ""He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, both as a player and a coach,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, and he knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level.S. Democrats also sought a criminal perjury investigation.Trump has been trailed for months by questions about potential ties to Russia, and allegations of Russian efforts to interfere in the U.Meanwhile? Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey said on Monday there were strong indications of radicalization by the shooter and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations.The Justice Department said he met with Kislyak in his role as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, not in his role as a Trump adviser with the campaign, and that led to his answers.""While even one incident is too many? you can say it was pretty good going that (Cincinnati) had no incidents for 38 years?"" zoo design consultant Michael Graetz said.S. TEHRAN? Feb. Sugar can transform a child.
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A fisherman, who was the victim of a pirate attack two Wednesdays ago, is appealing to the Minister of HomePrakash MohabirAffairs,Cheap China Jerseys, the Guyana Police Force and other relevant authorities to monitor the high seas to prevent pirate attacks.The distraught fisherman, 57-year-old Prakash Mohabir of Lusignan,China NFL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara,Jerseys NFL Cheap, said that shortly after 22:00 hrs two Wednesdays ago he was sleeping in his drift seine boat when he was awakened by the sound of a gunshot while he was sailing in the ocean off West Corentyne,Cheap Jerseys, Berbice.?Something like a gunshot wake me up,Jerseys From China, then when I jumped out of my sleep I saw a boat beside my boat. Then I see six men on another boat that braced mine; two of them were armed, and they throw a bow-line onto my boat and boarded.? Mohabir said.Mohabir said that the men then boarded his vessel. There were also three other sailors on his boat,Angel Di Maria Jersey, and the captain of the attacking vessel started offloading his 12-days catch of fish; then proceeded to destroy his engine and parts of his boat.?I had to beg the man not to damage my engine too much since I have to make a living. They took all the gasoline, cell phones, leads to the boat engine along with the fish glue.?The fisherman explained that he managed to reach the shores of Meadow Bank Wharf after he used a tarpaulin to make a sail.He continued, ?Another fisherman passed and helped me with some gasoline and a hose. I then moored at the Meadow Bank Wharf.?After the ordeal Mohabir complained that after he made a report at the Ruimveldt Police Station he was told that he would have to visit Number 51 Police Station to make a report in order for there to be an investigation.?I am asking for help,Wholesale Jerseys Online, since they (pirates) have cost me everything.?
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?some operators illegally selling fuel wholesaleBy Leonard GildarieA number of gas station operators, contracted to buy from the Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil),Cheap Jerseys Online, have expressed unhappiness over limitations to their quotas by the state-owned entity.Additionally, there are complaints that the government company is forcing them to buy large quantities of Castrol oil products, before the stations could receive their quotas.However, GuyOil has since said that a number of operators have been illegally selling the fuel, allowing their pumps to run dry.As world prices remain at their highest since the 2007-2008 crisis, Government through GuyOil has been seeking to keep gas below the $1,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 per gallon mark.While gas stations of GuyOil are retailing gasoline at $980 (US$4.90) a gallon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the privately-owned ones were up to yesterday hovering around $1100 (US$5.50).GuyOil believes that with even smuggled fuel more expensive than what it is selling to those operators for, a few unscrupulous business persons are taking advantage selling back to other private operators.Guyoil?s Badri PersaudSeveral GuyOil operators last week claimed that the company was unwilling to give them more gas,China Jerseys, preferring instead to sell it through their pumps.?We have two issues here. The first is that there are increasing instances that we are running out of gas because they limiting us. Secondly, they want us to buy more than $100,Cheap Authentic Jerseys,000 of Castrol products every month before they give us any gas. How is this fair? We cannot afford to close for one or two days.?Additionally, a major prohibitive factor is that service stations being supplied by GuyOil are forbidden by contract to buy elsewhere.But GuyOil?s Managing Director, Badri Persaud, has another story.Under contract, the operators are mandated to buy the Castrol products once they are taking gas from the state-owned company.?What we found is that they stock oil from other companies like Shell and so on. Secondly,NFL Jerseys Cheap, there are cases where particular operators took gas from us and instead of selling it from their pumps would have trucks pulling up taking it away.?GuyOil has measures in place to determine how much gas has been sold through a particular pump.According to Persaud, GuyOil has a system in place, based on sales and other trends to determine how much gas goes to a particular operator.But operators are saying that because GuyOil gas is cheaper,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, consumers have been rushing their pumps to cash in.?This obviously puts a strain on us because we are now moving more volumes,? one operator complained.The operators called for Government to consider having GuyOil bring more gas into Guyana, if it is a question of quotas.?I know at least one gas station within the city that pulled out of the arrangement with GuyOil over the past month because of unsteady supply and because of this unfair quota,? a long time gas station operator said.Privately-owned GuyOil-contracted gas stations are calling for increased quotas.
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Several complaints about police and traffic officers in the Guyana Police Force were made on a live call- in programme on Thursday evening on a Berbice television station.Listening to complaint after complaint about the police was no other than Minister of Home Affairs,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Clement Rohee.Callers raised several issues with the Minister,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, among them the prevalence of drug houses in Corriverton and the police not doing anything about it.One caller said that she made reports at the Corriverton Police Station and nothing has been done about them. The caller also said that the drug houses operate openly in the public.Another caller stated that she did not get a response from the police at Albion Police Station after she reported that she was being stalked by a man in the area where she lived.Gambling involving small children and adults at Rose Hall Town was also reported.A number of callers complained about being stopped and intimidated by traffic ranks on the road. Most of the complaints were from persons residing on the Corentyne area and a number were made about ranks at Albion Police Station.Also,Cheap NFL jerseys China, a caller questioned why traffic offices at the Police Stations in Berbice are opened so late.The caller said that the office supposed to be opened at 1:00pm and it was not opened until 1:45pm.Rohee?s response was that, ?A lot of these police ranks are tied up in the court. I am surprised at the number of ranks at court?.The issue of some ranks who jump out of nowhere,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, in front of drivers with a radar gun and surprising drivers on the road was talked about by many callers.?The police traffic rank should be in the open view of the public. This is not an ambush,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,? Rohee added.The same caller said that police officers use cell phones while driving on duty.?They drive anyhow,Jerseys From China, overtake anywhere?,Cheap Jerseys Online, the caller stated.Rohee said that he would have to have a ?serious talk? with ?B? Division Commander, Steve Merai and will visit Berbice more often.
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