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One of the country?s leading engineering companies has managed to acquire sole distribution rights to one of the world?s most reliable hydraulic hoses.A staffer demonstrates how to correctly crimp hydraulic hoses.According to Khemraj Brijlall,Wholesale China Jerseys, of Technical Services Inc (TSI), the deal will mean that miners and other industrial users of the hoses and their fittings can expect costs to go down because the hoses last way longer than what is available on the local market.?We have managed to strike a deal with US-owned Eaton for its Aeroquip Hydraulic Hose and the components along with the services and after sales.  Eaton?s products are well known for their long lasting reliability,? Brijall explained.The businessman,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, who has his operations at the Eccles Industrial Site, East Bank Demerara,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, has been around since 1998, specializing in general engineering including fabrication of different spares, engine re-building and manufacturing of excavator parts.The company has also been supplying and servicing excavator components, including hydraulic systems.According to Alex Lima-Arie, Territory Manager/Sales Engineer, representing Eaton,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, the services offered can be anywhere from a small hose assembly to a more complex hydraulic system.Alex Lima-Arie and businessman,Cheap Jerseys, Khemraj Brijlall?Eaton pumps, motors, transmissions, valves,Cheap Jerseys, cylinders, controls, hose and fittings offer a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design that translates directly into reliable performance and enhanced uptime, whether you need a single component, a custom-engineered solution,Cheap Jerseys, or anything in between. Eaton is the partner of choice for mobile and industrial applications that simply have to work,? Lima-Arie said.Workers demonstrated a five-minute hose crimping service in operation.?There are a few places offering hose crimping. But there is a specific way to do it. If not done right, the hose will break under pressure. If you are in a mining camp in the backdam, and you are depending on that one excavator that went down because of a bad hose, it is gonna cost you. It is better to do it right,? the Eaton official explained.
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–    AFC slams ?suspicious? confirmationMore than seven years after continuously performing the functions of the Auditor General,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Deodat Sharma was yesterday confirmed to that key post by government during a surprise swearing-in ceremony.Sharma?s confirmation was later described by Opposition party,Jerseys From China, Alliance For Change, as ?suspicious?.Confirmed: Auditor General, Deodat SharmaFollowing the swearing-in ceremony, Sharma asserted that he is qualified for the job and that his work is of quality.The Office of Auditor General is a critical, independent one responsible for the auditing government ministries,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, agencies and regional accounts.Media personnel who arrived yesterday for the weekly post-Cabinet briefing at the Office of the President were at that time informed of the swearing-in ceremony. It comes amidst criticism from former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran and accountant/columnist Christopher Ram, of the quality of work from the Audit Office.The opposition has long called on government to address the issue, as Sharma?s credibility and independence were being called into question with the failure to confirm him.According to President Donald Ramotar, Sharma has proven that he could function without fear and favour.The Head of State expressed the hope that the Audit Office would continue on its path of oversight with the public accounts continuing to improve and get better.Sharma expressed gratitude to his staffers who over the past three years helped to deliver the Audit General reports on time. ?I am happy that government has had the confidence in the Audit Office and as some Ministers say, they use the Auditor General?s Report as a management tool, and that is the way forward we should go.?Questioned yesterday about the seven-year wait for his confirmation,Wholesale Jerseys Online, the new Auditor General could not immediately say, but indicated that his appointment had to be made by the President and on the recommendations of the Public Service Commission.Regarding his qualifications for the job which had been questioned, Sharma said that there is nothing in the laws and Audit Act that talk about specification of qualifications for the Auditor General. He did disclose that he has a degree and diploma in accounting and has completed several courses.??so I have the qualifications and other supporting courses I have done. I am the only one, also,Cheap Jerseys From China, who has produced a Value For Money audit?.two of them.?Over the weekend, both the former Auditor General and Ram criticized the Auditor General?s Report of 2011, which was released last week to Parliamentarians and the media.According to Goolsarran, a quality and comprehensive audit report should not be compromised in order for that report to be delivered within its stipulated deadline.AFC Leader,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Khemraj RamjattanHe said, among other things, that the Auditor General defaulted on his promise to examine the laws to see whether NICIL, a state company which manages public assets,Cheap NFL Jerseys, breached the laws.Responding to the comments of Ram and Goolsarran, the Auditor General was clear. ?I don?t like to engage in too much criticisms. I think the works speak for itself?I don?t get into argument over those.?He then directed a comment to Goolsarran. ?Maybe you can check his 2003 (Auditor General) report. There is hardly any physical inspection compared to mine.?Yesterday, AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, during his party?s weekly press briefing, said that appointment was highly suspicious.?We in the Alliance For Change feel that this ought not to be the procedure for getting the Auditor General, Mr. Sharma, approved and sworn in.?According to Ramjattan, the appointment could effectively allow Sharma, 54, to serve another 11 years or so before retiring and the suspicious circumstances, especially in light of the significance of the work of the Audit Office, do not bode well.Sharma?s family and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, were among those at the Office of President yesterday for the swearing-in ceremony.
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45553. Kommentar zum Bild : Königsfeld/Eifel - [In Kategorie : Landschaftsbilder] [gepostet am : 27.04.2018 03:38]
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General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers? Association (GRPA),Jerseys Wholesale, Dharamkumar Seeraj, stated that the only bias the entity has is towards the representation of its members. He emphasized that whenever resources are being distributed on behalf of Government,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, absoluely no bias exists.He was at the time responding to rice farmers? claims that the association has been biased in the distribution of resources and representation.Seeraj noted that through public fora the needs of farmers are ascertained. He explained that during these fora, names of farmers are complied and follow-up public meetings are held where the list is displayed. However,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, some farmers are afraid to speak out against deviants who want to exploit the system since they all live and work in the same community.He stressed that resources are only given to rice farmers,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, but some landlords produce documents showing they own rice fields to obtain assistance.The rice farmers also claimed that the cost for producing rice outweighs the returns in some instances. They pointed out that a bag of paddy is for $4,000 while fertilizer and fuel are being sold at high costs.Seeraj asserted that fertilizer from urea is from the petroleum industry so whatever happens to the oil industry has a direct impact on urea. All input coming into Guyana is imported by traders who markup their prices with the intention of making a profit.However,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the GRPA, owing to financial limitations, can only afford to import a limited supply of fertilizers to help regulate the price on the market, since Guyana has a free market system.As a consequence of the free market system,Discount NFL Jerseys, the body has been encouraging more persons to get involved in milling to make the price for paddy more competitive. This would enable farmers to get a better price for their produce.While some farmers are disgruntled with the millers because they take too long to pay for the paddy, others noted that they are more helpful than the banks.Seeraj noted that there are some dishonest millers, but some rice farmers do take fertilizers and other resources from millers instead of accessing financing from banks.The GRPA has advised farmers on numerous occasions not to owe millers because the repercussions are serious. Seeraj stressed that millers give farmers items (mainly fertilizers) at a credit price that is higher than they actually cost. He contended that millers give farmers credit for two main reasons: 1. to make money; and 2. ensure they are supplied with paddy at the end of the crop.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, millers have complained that farmers sell their paddy to other millers at the end of the crop. Seeraj noted that is the prerogative of the farmers.
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Even as the multi-disciplinary Task Force to restore Guyana as a land of great attractiveness and prosperity is set to complete its regional outreaches, it has already begun receiving proposals from several municipalities and regions for enhancement projects.This is Phase One of the programme, according to Head of the National Task Force Secretariat for ?Project Restore Guyana?, Dr. Sewnauth Punalall.The Secretariat Head said that the Task Force is set to wrap-up the regional outreach as soon as tomorrow. According to Dr. Punallall, the National Taskforce is on its final visit, in Mabaruma, Region One.Prior to visiting Region One, a team headed by Major General (Ret?d), Joseph Singh, visited Region Seven on September 29. There he met with more than 30 persons in a meeting held in the boardroom of the Bartica hospital.  According to the Secretariat Head, issues such as the need for a new landfill site, proper roads and improved water supply and problems affecting small miners were raised. Stressed as well was the need for the Regional Administration to put in place the necessary services and space critical for creating a township, a status that Bartica is set to attain in May 2016.The Task Force would have completed visits to the other Regions in August and September.Cabinet approved the establishment of the multi-disciplinary Task Force,Cheap Jerseys Store, which includes representatives from the business sector,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, professional organisations and members of civil society,nba jerseys discount, to aid with the transformation of Guyana under the new Government.This was in response to the sustained call from the citizenry for a cleaner,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, safer and more sustainable environment.The regional visits have been to inform the Regions and Regional Administration of the various areas of responsibility which have to be dealt with by the Taskforce,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, under ?Project Restore Guyana,China Jerseys Cheap,? and which must be executed by the various areas.These responsibilities are in regard to national drainage, solid waste management and the removal of derelict vehicles, traffic management,Cheap Jerseys, sustainable countrywide renewal, welfare management of the homeless addicted and the mentally challenged.The Task Force has had committees set up along these lines, each headed by senior Government officials, the exception being the Public and Stakeholders Consultation Committee, which comprises community representatives.Project Restore Guyana is being rolled out in three phases. The first phase which immediately follows the regional outreaches, will go until May 2016, and will address critical interventions within the Regions, as submitted by proposals from the Regional Administrations.Dr. Punalall explained that whatever is captured in these proposals that are not executed in Phase One will be executed in Phase Two (which goes until 2017) or Phase Three (which goes until 2020).Thus far, the Task Force has received information from the Municipalities of Corriverton, Rose Hall, New Amsterdam and from the Regional Democratic Councils of Regions Five and Six on projects and interventions that they are seeking to have implemented in their communities and Regions under Project Restore Guyana, Dr. Punalall said.He advised that projects that will be implemented in Phase One will be selected based on three criteria – critical to human lives, the environment and the economy. (GINA)
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45551. Kommentar zum Bild : 9474 Reuterstraße - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 27.04.2018 03:16]
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Thus?"a total ban on alcoholic beverages advertisement should be enforced? similar to that of cigarettes"? said Samarn Futrakul? director of the office. In 2008,Brazil Soccer Jersey, there was a horrific auto collision coming down the curve. 28 (Xinhua)Fourtime China Open champion Novak Djokovic said he felt "special" everytime he steps on Chinese soil. A spokesperson for the producer told PEOPLE in a statement that ?Mr.BEIJING,Pele Brazil Jersey, Sept.Venezuela's Socialists lost majority in Parliament in recent elections,Gil World Cup Jersey, while Argentina's presidential elections saw the leftleaning ruling party lose to its conservative rival."The ruling party has seen some rough setbacks in the past two weeks from the opposition's strategy of mud slinging," he said.Li Yangjie, a 25yearold architecture student went missing while jogging on the evening of May 11, 2016 in the city of Dessau.According to German Torres, from the Mesa Turismo (an association that encompasses all sectors of tourism), success is based on providing "a very good product, well diversified and at reasonable prices".naturesbestdesigns.In a statement on Weibo, the base said the majority of panda supporters have made valuable suggestions to improve the welfare of the animals, but there are radical individuals and organizations behind the smear campaign to spread rumors."Spain is the third most visited country in the world after the United States and France and is the second country where tourists spend more money.
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There are lots of potential scenarios,Curtis Samuel Jersey, and you will need (at times) to do things out of the ordinary. "And we'll do everything we can to avoid the situation to occur.The "post90s" generation is emerging as the next engine of consumption in China,Panthers Thomas Davis Sr Jersey, according to the report, and this consumer cohort will account for more than 20 percent of total consumption growth, higher than any other demographic segment. Of course you must have the gear, lefthanded mouse and any keyboard shorts, but staying with the news of your game is most critical.Approval of the Bt maize will pave the way for variety release and registration through the National Performance Trials and eventual delivery to farmers through seed companies in the same manner as any other crop variety. A spokesperson for the producer told PEOPLE in a statement that ?Mr. 20, 2017.During the financial crisis, the Spanish tourist sector was one of the few sectors able to cope with the economic downturn, thanks especially to foreign demand which hit historical records.Article From Article Directory DatabaseAs one stay doing your investigation furthermore needing toward give the quintessential shabby California auto insurance, there some quite essential items that 1 want on the way to stick remember., but not satisfied about Xenia's penalty or the court judgement that Xenia is not guilty concerning the murder.Just a challenge of the kinds of rumours plus things that pain your owner safeguards standards include: how various vehicles suffice one have , what types of cars are a driving, how various workers proceed through closer to keep insured, what island your passing history, what remote island your neighborhood, what area your capital allowance and also what keep your requirements.There should be also an effort to meet the specific needs of emerging markets,Panthers Cam Newton Jersey, Roure added, and promote Spain among these markets and others like the United States, where Spain is not so widely known.
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In keeping with the spirit of Christmas coupled with unequivocal regret, Junior Minister of Social Protection, Keith Scott, yesterday offered an apology to representatives of the Federation of Independence Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) and the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC).The meeting in session yesterday. Minister Scott is seated as the head of the table.The apology was nestled in the fact that the Minister, in the National Assembly on November 20 last,Wholesale Jerseys, dared to share his view that both the umbrella union bodies FITUG and GTUC are ?impotent?.?This is regrettable…I take no pleasure in having to listen to that statement, but I take full and complete responsibility for saying so,? said Minister Scott as he alluded to his remarks being echoed in sections of the media.The Minister in apologising yesterday added, ?It takes nothing out of me to say unapologetically to the TUC, to the media, to FITUG, to the Parliament and to the citizens of Guyana, that I am sorry that I made that statement.?The Minister offered his apology at a meeting held in the Brickdam, Georgetown Ministry of Social Protection boardroom in the company of several of his officers including Chief Labour Officer, Charles Ogle and members of the media. Accepting the apology were representatives of the GTUC, Lincoln Lewis and Leslie Gonsalves, along with Seepaul Narine and Kenneth Joseph who represented FITUG.But the Minister in offering his volunteered apology questioned, ?Who among us has never been liable for a Freudian slip? Who among us is infallible? Who among us can claim to be flawless? These are some of the questions which have occupied my consciousness during the past few days and nights.?The two umbrella unions in a joint statement had condemned the Minister?s ?impotent? remark emphasizing that ?we strongly view it as a most distasteful and disturbing remark, about our organisations?.?This most incredulous labelling by you (Minister Scott) of our organisations as ?impotent? begs the question whether this is the level of regard that the Government has for the labour movement and by extension the workers of Guyana,? the statement added.It continued, ?As Minister, it is hoped it has not escaped attention that workers represent a most decisive force in our country. We wonder, whether your remark, as a representative of the Government, inadvertently conveys a clandestinely held view of the Administration with respect to the trade union movement.??The distasteful comment further opens speculation as to whether your utterance which is clearly contemptuous of a major stakeholder in this society with a constitutional right to exist – has informed your Administration?s decision to dismantle the Ministry of Labour, which is relegated to a department, headed by you,? outlined the statement.But Minister Scott yesterday countered that the decision to have a Social Protection Ministry instead of Labour, is in fact the prerogative of President David Granger.The statement further noted ?We are disturbed by the continuous frontal attack on workers in view of their value to this nation?s development. For clearly a message is being sent by you, and it is hoped not representative of the Government, that there exists no regard for the workers of this country.??We call for clarification or an unequivocal apology if your utterance is not that of the Government?s position of the workers we represent, and where it may be important, to remind you they pay your salary from their toil and sweat, and in many instances, are left with what is not adequate,? the statement emphasized.Minister Scott in apologizing yesterday made it clear that his remark ?came solely from me. I made that mistake. I am the person who is solely responsible for it being made.?The Minister underscored that while it was unfortunate that he had made the unfortunate comment, he insisted that ?I have always been committed to trade union unity, trade union principles and the principles of brotherhood. This is why since I am in this Ministry I have not yet stopped assiduously pursuing the goals of trade union unity and everything I have done so far, and the records will reflect it, I have done everything possible to ensure that the unions are treated with respect.??I cannot explain anybody?s interpretation of my actions; I cannot move at a pace that suits other people, but once I am involved, I will go about things as I see how best to handle it, and so far out of the hundreds of matters I have arbitrated since I am here, very few remain outstanding,? the Minister noted, as he added ?we have succeeded more than we have failed.?
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45548. Kommentar zum Bild : 9453 Eduard-Otto-Straße - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 27.04.2018 02:28]
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At age 20, most young men are either focused on University education or on other interests.However, that?s not the case for 20-year-old Hakin Green who is instead battling to have a normal life. He is facing the harsh reality that he could die sooner than later. He is badly in need of a kidney transplant as both have failed.After appearing on the television talk show ?Caribbean Music Box? aired on www.brutalradio.com and BTV Ch2, a donor has come forward and so far she is a good match.Hakin GreenSurgery could be done by August month end if all goes well. But his family now needs $4M to make that possible. His mother works and secured some of the money for the surgery but has used it all up to do tests on the donor as well as on her son and for payments of his continued dialysis.Several weeks ago, he was all set for the surgery after traveling from Antigua with his Guyanese mother to Guyana. The prospects were good and his mind was at ease as his Guyanese father had agreed to donate a kidney but pulled out at the last moment, dashing the son?s hopes.?I was in shock and I cried bitterly because this had become a fairytale turned into a nightmare,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,? he said.The doctors who had arrived from overseas to perform that surgery left and his mother?s quest began to find a donor with A+ blood.Their appeal on the TV talk show evoked responses and one cash donation of $20,000 from viewers. Now with the kidney donor coming forward, his worry is now compounded by a financial need to pay the doctors to do the surgery to the tune of $4M. Meanwhile, dialysis and other medical bills are costing him $20,000 (US$100) per session and he needs three sessions a week.Ultimately the youth who has a positive outlook on life and despite the reality of knowing that he could die soon if he does not get the surgery wants to be a nephrologist (A nephrologist is a physician who has been trained in the diagnosis and management of kidney disease).?I want to help people in similar situations like mine because I?ve learnt a lot as a result of this situation and I realise that there are not that many people who do such a job and because I have experienced it I?m more focused on giving back from my experience.?Donations can be made by contacting 231-5087 or 681-2729.
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45547. Kommentar zum Bild : 9460 Bonn Hbf mit neuer LED Matrixanzeige - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 27.04.2018 02:27]
florian9452 Cheap Jerseys Online xwve3jcz [gesamt : 1540 Kommentar(e) zu diesem Bild]
By Dale AndrewsThe recent successes of the Guyana Police Force in solving violent crimes are a great source of encouragement for this small nation where gunmen at one time felt immune to capture.Corporal Romain Cleto with his daughter shortly before his death.What is even more encouraging in that some of the cases that are being solved go back as far as eight years.But amidst the encouragement, there is some despair for the relatives of some victims of crime especially murder, who are still anxious to receive some amount of justice.It is even more despairing when the victim of one of these unsolved crimes is from among those who are supposed to be solving them.They say charity begins at home and this is so applicable when it comes to the Guyana Police Force pulling out all the stops to find the killers of Corporal Romain Cleto.It?s been three years since this crime fighter was gunned down and to date his colleagues in the organization that is supposed to bring his family justice have not done so. It seems that this might be the case for many years to come.Except for a grand memorial every year during the force?s anniversary celebrations, precious little seems to be done to truly satisfy Cleto?s grieving relatives, including his only daughter who was one year old at the time.Incidentally, in their haste to satisfy the public, the police had charged a city resident, only for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to withdraw the matter, much to their embarrassment.I have covered my fair share of policemen being killed but none of their deaths left the scar that corporal Romain Cleto?s death has left on my reporting career.April 27 2013An image from Cleto?s Facebook page which is still active today.It was just after the sundown on April 27 2013; I was driving around with columnist Freddie Kissoon when we noticed a large crowd at the junction of Avenue of the Republic and Regent Street, in the vicinity of the Plaisance Minibus Park.Our inquisitive nature caused us to stop and enquire. You could imagine our anxiety when we learnt that there had just been a shootout between the police and gunmen and that there might be some casualties.I immediately asked myself, ?How brazen could these people be? Right in the heart of downtown Georgetown, where so many people had gathered??We saw several spent 7.62 rounds and nine millimeter shell casings that littered the scene. The walls of the Bank of Baroda were riddled with bullet holes; the place resembled a war zone.Everyone was talking about what they had witnessed a few minutes ago and I was certain that this would have been an easy matter for the police to investigate and eventually capture the perpetrators.?Dem men just shoot up like if dey deh in a war,? one eyewitness stated at the scene.It was later learnt that a policeman was killed and two others were injured. I was surprised that no mention was made of any of the gunmen or any other person being shot. It was if the policemen were the intended targets.That night I was told that Cleto and his colleagues were on patrol when they spotted a suspicious looking silver-coloured car and trailed it with a view to engaging the occupants.?The car had paper over the licence plate,? an eyewitness had told Kaieteur News. The eyewitness said when the car stopped at the traffic light at the junction of Regent Street and Avenue of the Republic, the police decided to approach the occupants.Cleto, who was in charge of the patrol, came out of the police vehicle and approached the car not realizing the danger that was waiting for him.Within seconds one of the occupants of the car began shooting, mortally wounding Cleto while spraying the police vehicle with bullets.?While de corporal going to de car, de driver come out and start spraying bullets like he head ain?t good,? one source informed this newspaper.There are reports that the driver of the police vehicle managed to return fire with his Beretta submachine, possibly wounding the gunman.   The car then sped away north along Avenue of the Republic.Two other policemen Anil Raj Persaud, 28, of Claybrick Road, Number Two Canal, was cut by flying glass, and Randy Haley, 20, of Mahaicony sustained gunshot injuries to his left hand.What is interesting about this case being unsolved is the fact that Cleto was killed in full public view, where surveillance cameras abound yet to date the investigators are seemingly unable to identify the cop killers.This is despite the fact that they received descriptions of at least one of the killers as well as the car that was used in the commission of the act.Shortly after the shooting, the then head of operations of the Guyana police force had vowed that all stops would have been pulled out to bring Cleto?s killer to justice.It was a premature consolation to the dead cop?s relatives and colleagues. Think about it, if this had happened in any other country, what do you think the response would have been?The entire police force would have been hunting down the killers like vultures.Wrong suspectA few days later, under mounting public pressure the police arrested Shaka Chase and later charged him with Cleto?s murder. This was despite not seeking the advice of the DPP.During custody Chase passionately proclaimed his innocence, which was supported by his convincing alibi.Investigators had claimed that CCTV cameras along with an eyewitness had placed the suspect at the scene. Ironically, there were reports that the suspect had given the police a confession about the shooting.They also relied heavily on a ?confession? purportedly obtained from a woman who subsequently revealed that she was tortured to sign a statement in which she identified Shaka Chase as one of the persons in the car that the killers were using at the time of the shooting.The police had claimed in a statement that a laboratory report also indicated that the swab taken from Shaka Chase?s hands was positive for gunpowder residue.Chase?s relatives had maintained that he was being targeted by the police. According to one relative, the suspect is normally ?picked up? by the police and held for 72 hours without charge.The relative maintains that when the shooting happened, the suspect was at a bar drinking.The relative explained that it was the suspect who first went to the police station after his name was called. ?He went to the station to clear his name and ended up being charged.?The dead cop?s relatives were not amused when a Magistrate discharged the murder charge against Chase following the advice of the DPP.The DPP had found several discrepancies in the police investigations, especially when it came to the identity of the killer.An alleged eyewitness had described the shooter as a fair-skinned mixed race individual as against a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks.There was also some concern over the swabbing of the suspects? hands as reported by the police, who claimed that they found gunpowder residue.?With all the discrepancies, the police cannot readily say for sure if the man they brought to court was at the scene of the shooting,? a source had informed.Cleto?s father, David Kendall, was convinced that Cleto?s colleagues who were with him the night he was killed, still hold the key to the real identity of the killer(s). He had voiced this opinion hours after Chase was set free.?Well,China Jerseys Cheap, as far as I concern, the colleagues who was with him, his fellow policemen, they have something to say because they are alive. The driver is alive, the other guy who get hit, they have something to say,? Kendall had said.?There are all sorts of reports. They finding, they beating, they picking up and they loosing, but I ain?t saying nothing,? the dead cop?s father said.I recalled Kendall, who was present in court when Shaka Chase was set free, telling me that he was at a loss when the former murder accused walked out of the courtroom.?What I observed going on there this morning at the court, I just break out? like I didn?t know which part of Georgetown I was walking but I walking, heading home,? he explained.Lillian Cleto, the late cop?s mother, had shared the same view as her husband with regards to her late son?s colleagues.?Yes, the people who were with him, they supposed to say is which person or they supposed to see something?somebody, but nobody ain?t saying anything. We want justice,? she declared.The couple said that they have not been able to speak to any of Cleto?s colleagues to find out what happened during the last minutes of their son?s life.For Lillian Cleto, she wants the police to find the real killers; but she would not like to see an innocent man pay for the murder of her son.?I would like to know that they get the right person, the right killer,? she had said.Of course today, the police could only give the usual update, ?The matter is still under investigation?.For the past week I tried contacting Cleto?s relatives but was unsuccessful.However, I could not help noticing the memorials on his facebook page which is still active to this day.The anniversary of his death was greeted with many RIPs from his friends and former colleagues, who I?m sure would all like to see there is some form of justice even ?three years later??At the time of his death, Romain Cleto was 25 years old. He hailed from the North West District, and was assured of a great career in the Guyana Police Force.
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