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ES-N154 ES - Bahnhof
ES-N154 ES - Bahnhof (dodel88250)
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51559. Kommentar zum Bild : 24.05.2011 - Eingangsbereich der neuen Gleistrasse - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 25.06.2018 00:52]
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–    Guyana to get riverain patrol boatsGuyana is slated to receive riverain patrol boats and related equipment next year through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI).This was disclosed at the second meeting of the CBSI Commission, which is being held at the InternationalCo-chair of the CBSI Commission, Astona Browne, addressing yesterday?s forum.Convention Centre at Pattensen.During the meeting, Julissa Reynoso, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central America and the Caribbean, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, United States Department of State, announced to security officials and international development partners that the 2012 budget of US$ 77million would be used to support greater coordination and control of border and maritime routes, training and capacity building for law enforcement and justice sector, even while continuing previous efforts in education and workforce development for vulnerable youth and at-risk populations.Reynoso announced that in the next few months, her country would be delivering to the Eastern Caribbean,Cheap Jerseys USA, high-speed interdiction boats and relevant equipment as part of the US Secure Seas Effort. Those boats would complement ones provided to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica as part of a broader regional maritime security program.?We are proud of the accomplishments of the past year under the CBSI,? she said. ?We have encountered many challenges but we believe that the CBSI provides a useful and necessary framework for coordination and collaboration with our partners in the Region.?The CBSI is a shared regional security partnership between CARICOM Member States, the Dominican Republic and the United States.The CBSI Commission meeting will conclude today and already the partners have identified three core objectives to deal with the development threats facing the Caribbean.These are to (1) reduce illicit trafficking through programs ranging from counter narcotics to reducing the flow of illegal arms/light weapons; (2) advance public safety and security through programs ranging from reducing crime and violence to improving border security; and (3) promote social justice through programs designed to promote justice sector reform, combat government corruption, and assist vulnerable populations at risk of recruitment into criminal organizations.According to a statement from the CARICOM Secretariat, Reynoso was of the firm opinion that the partnership to date had spawned measurable results in the three priority areas.In the area of law enforcement information sharing, she reported on surveys of fingerprint processes, equipment, recordkeeping and training in six Member States, and that automated fingerprint identification system equipment were now being purchased for those six Member States.In the area of justice reform, she explained that the CBSI had agreed to dedicate a regional legal advisor to develop a task force to address critical crime issues including homicides and to advise on legal reforms.In addition,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, the US and the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) were working through the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) to screen passengers into Caribbean ports of entry.Training on integration of information into national databases, regional border interdiction exercises and border enforcement training for fifty CARICOM customs, immigration and police officers were also planned for the coming months.Julissa Reynoso, Deputy Asst. Secretary for CAC BureauIn the area of promoting social justice, Ms Reynoso stated that the partnership was supporting education and youth workforce development including youth entrepreneurship.The US is also working with its CBSI partners to promote effective prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of financial crimes, including money laundering, terrorism financing and public corruption. Preliminary assessments have been conducted in Trinidad and Guyana, with technical financial crimes assistance and training slated to begin next month.Amidst concerns that the CBSI partnership had not made the impact that it should have, Ms Reynoso noted that in its first year there might have been challenges but in the coming year, things would be better.Guyana?s Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, in his feature address, said that he was pleased with the work that has begun in putting programmes in place to address the region?s most challenging security issues.However, he stressed that more needs to be done to enable the region?s people to benefit further.?We need to energise the process in order to begin delivering for the benefit of the people whose governments are part and parcel of this partnership.He said that the region is very fortunate to have the United States of America as a partner in regional security matters that are of interest to both sides.According to Rohee, it has long been accepted that only through partnerships can the Region effectively fight crime in all its manifestations.?The inextricable link between the fight at the national level and the fight at the international level is unavoidable, and it would be a serious error of judgement were the two to be divorced from each other, thus a stabilising factor and a major pillar for maintaining this link, is the partnership which has been established between the Caribbean countries and the United States,? Rohee said.He stressed that Guyana is committed to fighting crime in all its manifestations,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, and in this regard, several anti-crime laws were recently passed in the just concluded ninth Parliament.US Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt, in his address to participants at yesterday?s opening ceremony, said that the CBSI has emerged as a truly genuine partnership among 16 nations of the Caribbean and the United States of America.According to Ambassador Hardt, the partnership has evolved, with each member state sharing responsibility for ensuring progress toward a collective CBSI goals and objectives.According to the envoy, it is imperative that the CBSI achieve its objectives,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, similar to the successes of other regional security bodies so that there will be no sub-region that will be seen as more hospitable for drug and other illicit trafficking.?Given this broad regional scope, it is important to recognise that the CBSI, as a sub-regional partnership, also provides a vehicle through which other nations throughout the world with interest in the Caribbean can coordinate their regional activities with CBSI partner nations to foster more efficient and effective multilateral efforts,? Ambassador Hardt said.In this regard,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he welcomed the active involvement of countries such as Canada and Britain, and bodies like the European Union, the United Nations, Organization of American States and other partners who are making valuable contributions to the region?s security.Ambassador Hardt added that the meeting would provide the partnership with the opportunity to take stock of collective accomplishments to date, review the results of the Technical Working Groups and use those results to lay the ground work for Second Caribbean-United States Security Cooperation Dialogue set for the Bahamas in November.?At the end of our gathering tomorrow (today) we hope that all participants will be able to return home with renewed commitment to the CBSI partnership and a renewed belief that we can work together to enhance the safety and security of our citizens through our cooperation, creativity and perseverance,? Ambassador Hardt concluded.The Dominican Republic?s Ambassador-at-Large to CARICOM, His Excellency Juan Guiliani Cury,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, in adding his remarks, outlined several priorities which the partnership had been addressing. Those include organised crime, youth crimes and maritime and aerial space security.?We are committed to fighting those evils,? he averred. ?Our country will work closely and with courage to achieve this extremely important task.?Ms. Astona Browne, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, St. Kitts and Nevis and Co-Chair of the CBSI Commission asserted that significant strides had been made in combating crime in the Region and avowed that ?we will advance with our mandate to take security in the region to a higher level.? However, she warned that ?we cannot survive alone.??We must build strong bridges of cooperation with traditional and non-traditional states and agencies that are committed to the cause of global peace,? she said.Notwithstanding the perception that progress was slow, Ms Browne asserted, ?We will continue to interrupt the plans of criminals who would venture to move through our borders and disrupt those who would dare to perpetrate criminal activities in our waters.?The Caribbean Basin Security Initiative was launched in May 2010 following US President Barrack Obama?s announcement to plough an initial US$45 million into the Caribbean to start a ?shared security partnership? among CARICOM Member States, the Dominican Republic and the United States,with a view to tackling crime and violence in both regions.
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51558. Kommentar zum Bild : 9456 wieder neutral o..W. an der T.-Mann-Straße, 1 - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 25.06.2018 00:35]
florian9452 Wholesale Jerseys China rwjvwyfy [gesamt : 1914 Kommentar(e) zu diesem Bild]
?VOA only broadcasts outside US – says Prof Lublin in BerbiceAmerican University Professor David Lublin told participants at a lecture hosted by the Upper Corentyne Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UCCCI) on Wednesday that even though many countries have State media entities, those media are governed and run by ?independent authorities?.He was giving a lecture to an audience that comprised businessmen,Cheap Jerseys From China, academics and residents of Berbice at the UCCCI?s office at #78 Springlands, Corriverton.Dr Lublin was responding to a question from an audience member about ?the PPP saturating the airwaves 24 hours a day with political propaganda? from the State television station and wondered if this was also happening in the United States.Prof. Lublin used the example of the ?government voice? of the USA, the Voice of America (VOA) which, under U.S. Law, is not allowed to broadcast within the United States ?because we?re afraid of politicising our own people?.He said that while other governments own ?substantial? media like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Britain and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Canada, the government in the U.S. does not own or control the media.?The BBC is very independent of the government of today and often times highly critical of it?.Usually the BBC is giving the government a very hard time,? he said.He said that is usually a ?norm? in those societies where the State media is independently operated.He noted that as part of the norm in British society, for example, if the Prime Minister tried to overtly put a story in the BBC, he would be forced to leave or resign at the end of the week by public outcry for him trying to ?manipulate the media?.The lecture focused on political issues relating to elections and democracy in the context of nation building. Another participant asked, ?If a government is denying the rights of the people to choose their leaders, what do you call such a government?  According to our constitution, we?re supposed to have the Local Government elections every five years. For the past 16 years, we have not had this election. Can we say that our government is a democratic government??Prof. Lublin responded by outlining numerous positives of holding local government elections. ?If your party loses at the national level, maybe your party wins at the local level. You?re not always a winner, you?re not always a loser?, he noted.He said that there is a Democratic President in his country but Republican- led Governors in the big states of Florida and Texas. He said the answer to that question lies in the power of the Guyanese people to ?change the system, particularly, regardless of PPP or PNC. Demand more rights to do these things?.Another participant, Political Scientist Dr Rishee Thakur of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus, mentioned key ?friends? to Guyana such as the ?the major international and bilateral agencies (CIDA, IMF, USAID, World Bank, etc) who, in many ways, are responsible for the management of this country right now?.He queried if half of the projects are pulled out and ?we crash at the bottom tomorrow morning?.Additionally, Dr Thakur, noted to Prof Lublin that Guyana is the only country in the world with one radio station ?controlled by the government?.?We think that makes a considerable difference when we begin to come and adjudicate on the question of free and fair elections when we know 70 per cent of the country is not available to the private media.?Dr Thakur also mentioned that the population of the Upper Corentyne area does not have any access to television stations in that area.?The government consistently refuses to provide access to this community here [to TV], we don?t receive any news?.Corentyne Community Broadcasting (CCBTV Ch 19) had stopped broadcasting a few years ago since the manager died.The station was sold to another person who is awaiting permission from the government to transfer the license and begin operation.He noted the opposition parties are not allowed access to the media and this affects what constitutes democracy.When asked about the U.S Government?s method of placing government advertisements in American newspapers and the process used to place such ads, Prof Lublin said ads are usually ?placed in a wide variety of papers? and that the newspapers in the U.S. are in a lot of trouble since many persons are now going to the internet for their news.The professor said that the media in the U.S. allow ?different points of view? in that they allow spokespeople from the government and the minority party.He cited the First Amendment in that ?the government has no power to censor the media? and ?lots of political debates? among the presidential candidates of the USA.Prof Lublin stated that the newspapers? role in the USA is usually to criticise, they?re very critical of both the incumbent party and the non- incumbent party?.He said that most papers separate the news pages from the opinion pages, for example the New York Times opinion pages favouring the Democrats and the Wall Street Journals opinion pages favouring the Republicans, but that these newspapers ?in their news coverage are generally objective?.?It is their job to dig into things and find out what?s going on and ask the tough questions.?President of the UCCCI, Vishnu Doerga thanked the U.S. Embassy for organising the lecture and said that ?It gives us a very good view of what democracy looks like in the U.S., it was also mentioned that it was not a perfect system but it?s a good model.He added that instead of continuing to complain, the Guyanese people ?have to make the decisions and come up with constructive solutions?.
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51557. Kommentar zum Bild : 9461 Poppelsdorfer Allee, mit neuer LED-Matix - [In Kategorie : Straßenbahnen] [gepostet am : 25.06.2018 00:33]
florian9452 cheap nfl jerseys wqceuemg [gesamt : 1952 Kommentar(e) zu diesem Bild]
By Gary EleazarBrigadier (ret?d) David Arthur Granger, formerly of the Guyana Defence Force,Jerseys NFL Cheap, who campaigned in the run up to the last elections as Presidential Candidate for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) was yesterday elected and officially appointed to the Constitutional Office of Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition.Brig Granger was nominated by his colleague Dr Rupert Roopnaraine at a brief special sitting of the Assembly for non-governmental business presided over by Speaker Raphael Trotman.New Opposition Leader David GrangerGranger?s nomination was seconded by Dr George Norton. He was unopposed for the post of Opposition Leader.Following the declaration by the Speaker that Brig Granger is now the Opposition Leader, Trotman used the opportunity to point out that this is a historical moment in the Commonwealth and in the political history of Guyana in that Brig Granger can now be quipped Majority Leader.Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan in his congratulatory remarks to Brig Granger said that while his party concedes that there will be disagreements on some issues they will work with APNU in the interest of all of the people of Guyana and for their benefit.Basil Williams also offered congratulations on behalf of the People?s National Congress Reform which makes up the largest bloc in APNU.He offered his remarks also on behalf of Brig Granger?s predecessor Robert Corbin and said that they are confident that with the Brigadier at the helm of the Parliamentary Opposition their aspirations will be realized.Brig Granger thanked his parliamentary colleagues singling out Ramjattan?s utterances. He said that he was pleased to hear the ?kind assurances of cooperation during the life of Tenth Parliament.?He told those present that APNU, under his leadership, will go on to make the Tenth Parliament, ?memorable in the political history of our country.?He reaffirmed his resolve to ?bring about real change for the people of Guyana.?Brig Granger sought to remind those present in the House that the combined opposition constitutes the majority and that he wished to reiterated that his constitutional office mandates him to advance interest of not just who voted for APNU and the AFC but for all Guyanese ?that depend on us to bring about real change.?He said that Guyana has witnessed the rebirth of a parliamentary democracy in the way it was meant to function and has returned to where the voice of the majority will be felt.Brig Granger reminded also that those elected to represent constituents? on the House have a responsibility not only to those living in Guyana at present but to all posterity.The New Opposition Leader used the opportunity to announce also that the Office of the Leader of the Opposition will be located in a public place and not in a political headquarters.This move, he said, is to allow all and sundry to have equal access to the Office.He said that he sees the current dispensation of the Parliament as a move forward and reiterated his pledge to have an inclusionary democracy.Brig Granger takes over from Attorney at law Robert Corbin and has said that he will be using his office to the best of his abilities with support from the resources of the Parliament.In 2011 the Office of the Leader of the Opposition was allocated some $10M to assist with the functions associated with that constitutional position.
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